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06-17-2024, 10:09 PM
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I found three pretty pristine machines on eBay.
The SR-10u has been serviced and comes with a 1 year warranty. It is from Southern Advantage, which I know from this forum seems like a reputable seller. ($789)

The HR7500u description (with video) shows almost mint condition with a new loading belt. It comes with a 60 day warranty. ($699.00)

The HR-4800 description says all operations work “perfectly” and also come with a 60 day warranty.

It is worth noting I already have a Panasonic ESR-15. I’ve been using an old Go-Video DVD/VHS combo player to digitize old VHS’s to the Panasonic ESR15—-to Canopus ADVC-110—FireWire—-to Thunderbolt adapters —-to M1 Mac. I use Final Cut Pro X to capture in 640x480. I know this is not the most ideal setup, but for my intents and purposes it has been doing a fine enough job. I’m simply digitizing old home-movies to give my aging parents as a gift by Christmas. The Panasonic surprisingly keeps the signal from dropping when the tape degrades. I haven’t been experiencing any frame-sync issues either. Perhaps the Canopus maybe correcting it? Unfortunately, the Go-Video has stopped working, thus I’m on the search for a new tape machine.

So my question, considering I already have the Panasonic ESR-15, should I consider the HR-4800u or shell out for the former two TBC options? Thank you, your grace, LordSmurf!
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