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continued from other conversations...

As I often warn people, printing from the local mega-store mini-lab results in lower quality prints. Few of these budget establishments monitor their equipment, calibrate it for accurate color, and change the chemicals/supplies during the manufacturer-suggested life cycle.

You're usually better off outsourcing to a real photo lab, whether it's a budget service -- like Shutterfly, Snapfish or SmugMug -- or an actual professional lab in your area (for example, Dallas has several great labs).

Of course, sometimes you don't need top-end quality for 4x6's that are put in a scrapbook or given away to friends/family for free. At that point, you need to just minimize the damages. While I still suggest the online options, sometimes the locals can work with you.

For example....

I called them, and they said that I can use the attached file, I got from the website to help with the photos. Iím not entirely sure what to do with it though.

At the bottom of that page was a small almost-hidden link, instructions on how to add the profiles: http://www.drycreekphoto.com/icc/usi...r_profiles.htm

the easiest way to install a profile in Windows XP is to right click on the profile in Windows Explorer and select "install profile". Windows copies the profile to the correct directory automatically.
.... and if that doesn't work, there are more troubleshooting instructions on the page. Also information for other operating systems.

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