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I posted this in the capture forum, but it didn't get any responses, and I realize now that was probably the wrong place for it. Hopefully this is the right one.

Originally Posted by vhsnewb View Post
I have a TBC-1000 that another member of my family got off of ebay about 5-6 years ago. I'm seeing very occasional dropouts like the one in the video here: https://forum.videohelp.com/threads/...ng#post2621488 However, futzing with the wiring harness and connectors does not seem to trigger the issue. It doesn't happen very frequently (that I've noticed), and it's lasted no more than a few minutes at a time.

I have been reading that these units have power supply issues. I believe I have been using the original AC adapter (AC ADAPTER, Input: 120VAC 60Hz 21W, Output: 12VDC 1200mA, Model SCP48-121200, Class 2 Transformer, Made in Taiwan). It's the older, heavier type, and it gets quite a bit warmer than I'm used to. I measured the voltage at 16.75V (disconnected, with no load). Is that an issue? Should I replace the power supply?

I've read that I can use a power supply from a USB hard drive. Are those acceptable as a long term solution, or do they introduce noise, etc. into the analog signals? I have one here (Asian Power Devices, Model No. WA-18Q12FU, Input 100-240V 0.5A Max, Output 12V 1.5A, Center Positive).

I've also found this online: https://www.tgrantphoto.com/sales/in...corrector-1001, but it seems fairly expensive and the lead time is a bit long.

Are there any reputable businesses that repair/refurbish TBC-1000s? The issue may be tolerable for now (given the kinds of tapes I'm digitizing), but this is likely the only TBC I will ever own (given the prices), so I think it might make sense to get it fixed (if that's what it needs).
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I have no idea if the higher voltage is an issue, I guess that depends on what the regulator inside the TBC-1000 is designed to handle.

As for replacements, a decent quality 12-volt adapter is probably fine provided the polarity is correct and it can output sufficient amps. Using a random one from some other equip may be a bit hit and miss, I've had a few 12v adapters die over the years. I suspect the one TGrant sells is just one a OEM one they've vetted and put a sticker on. I know Meanwell is a decent brand to look for.
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