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12-20-2022, 05:37 PM
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Now it's my turn to contribute a little bit to this community.

I've got an AG-5710p. I have service manuals for both the 5710 and 1980.

I've done a BIG pile of research:
  • cap replacement recommendations from Panasonic over the last 25 years.
  • Downloaded a ton of PDF files on that, plus
  • several current catalogs
  • cap availability and specs at digikey and mouser
  • created cross reference spreadsheets for a lot of this
  • validated via visual examination of caps and CBA's on my 5710
Attached is a multi-tab spreasheet with a lot of hopefully-helpful info:
  • CBA list and ID's for 1980p and 5710, and how they correlate (or not)
  • Cap list for both, how they correlate, Schematic C## values, CBA "series" (base Cnnn number) and marking Cnn numbers, and combined... all validated and cross correlated for 1980 and 5710
  • Conversion from original Cap part numbers to current cap P/N's, then further to actual available cap's at both digikey and mouser (as of Dec 2022.)
  • I just ordered a complete set of caps from Digikey. A little over US$70 including tax and shipping. (Mouser has NO stock and NO substitute at all for one cap )
A few notes and additional hints.
  • Documented cap C#### is always a combination of two numbers:
  1. The CBA printed cap # (usually a short number like C1-C99)
  2. The CBA "series" base number, usually in the thousands, like C4800, C1000, etc.
  • Some CBA's have a single series for the whole board
  • Some CBA's, including the main board, have several physical sections
  • NOTE that some caps are actually on the back side. These are always some kind of later engineering change and not well documented
  • Panasonic has made MANY changes since these VCR's were made
  • Whole series of caps have been updated to new series. Sometimes multiple version changes. Not easy to just convert from old to new
  • More recently, they simply dropped manufacturing of ALL low capacitance 'lytic caps. There are no Panasonic 'lytic caps below 1 uF anymore.
Digikey and Mouser are both good vendors with interesting tools, but quite different. At this point I generally prefer Digikey tools.

(Note: you need to create a free account on each to use the tools I'll discuss)

  • General part search is pretty nice: for each attribute you can select a value, OR select value then choose ">=" or "<="... so it's easy to say "16 volts OR MORE" for example.
  • You can create a text file with part-number|myID|quantity rows, upload into the "Project Manager" as a "BOM" (then sort on myID to keep your own order, kinda) and see availability and cost of all parts at once
  • You can add additional parts to a project
  • You can NOT edit an existing part however. Easier to edit locally and upload a new set
  • NOT always easy to find substitute parts for those unavailable... but there IS one good tool: once looking at a part, scroll down. There's a checkable list of attributes, then they will search for all parts that match. BUT it's not as flexible as their general part search...
  • If a part is not available in stock, they don't suggest alternatives.
  • General part search is similarly nice
  • For any given part, if not in stock there's a link to show suggested substitutions. Mostly nice.
  • You can upload a list with "partNumber Quantity" rows. That becomes a list. Quick availability and cost of the whole pile.
  • Easy to add parts to list, and to edit parts.
  • Easy to both keep your desired part number, and add alternates (this is how part of my spreadsheet was made: the theoretical "correct" p/n, and separately which p/n I actually chose )
  • Overall, I found it relatively quick to edit my list of over 50 p/n's and turn it into a list of actually available parts. Nice.
NOTES on attached XLS file
  • CAPS tab is currently in P/N order (then sorted by CBA and Cnn)
  • P/N tab highlights parts at DigiKey and Mouser whose available p/n was different from what is supposedly "ideal".
  • If you examine the formulae behind the columns for Series, cV and cCap (code for Volts, code for Cap) etc, you can see how Panasonic P/N's break down into various component parts
  • I did NOT pull in the cap diameters. That would have been a Good Thing. Maybe someone else can add that.
  • There are one or two remaining anomalies. I'm waiting for a message back from Panasonic to resolve one key question... but I went ahead and ordered caps anyway
Here are additional PDF files I collected, possibly helpful
  • AG-5710 Service Manual 1998. ALSO includes K-mech service/adjustment manual at the end (around p120?) (obviously scanned at not-perfect quality. Sorry )
  • Several key Panasonic part discontinuation notices
  • Documentation of Pan SMD caps, all series.
One last hint: to create an uploadable part list usable at Digikey,
  • make a column in the P/N tab (AFTER the quantity col!)
  • say "DK list" in row 1
  • type this into row 2: =CONCATENATE(D2," ",F2)
  • copy that to the rest of the rows
  • now copy the whole shebang to your clipboard (select it all, press ctrl-C)
  • log in to Digikey, create a list, and paste the above in.
  • wait, wait, wait... then boom you have your parts list with cost and availability

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12-20-2022, 07:57 PM
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Nice contribution.

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12-21-2022, 10:23 AM
MrPete MrPete is offline
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BTW, there are TWO key differences between the 5710 and 1980:
  • 1980 has a tuner
  • 5710 has 25 pin RS-232 interface for external control
I don't care about either one, so those are meaningless to me.

BTW, I was briefly excited that the old B&H catalog LordSmurf shared showed some spec differences in the video sections between the two: 5710 with 47dB S/N, 1980 44dB... and they talked about Digital Noise Reduction on the 5710...

...until I dug in. Just marketing stuff.

Both are identical circuitry.
Both have 44dB S/N on VHS, 47dB on S-VHS
Both have DNR in their TBC circuits.
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12-22-2022, 01:54 PM
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Good info and thanks. I was probably at least partly responsible for the last info which was full of errors. IIRC and its been years ago I just ordered a bunch of caps that were the same uf value (digikey) and at least the minimum voltage value.
Sometimes it is hard to to get matching capacitance and voltage ratings in a replacement part. But yes some (many?) errors also probably. Now my real problem is I am just not good at smd compomet replacement. Too small and my eyesight is shite especially depth perception. I under stand the mechanics of it having held a F level NASA certification as well as commercial aerospace soldering certification. Well we all got problems right ha ha. Good Holidays all
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12-27-2022, 10:02 PM
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Definitely not going to be easy. I hope to use a nice big magnifying glass (ideal: a dissecting microscope )AND, I get to play with an amazing soldering tool, that produces instantaneous microwave radiation between the tips! Instant heat, instant off.
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12-30-2022, 02:58 PM
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I just now received (FedEx delays) my Digikey order. I made a mistake: cell D3 in the current spreadsheet should be for a radial cap but I accidentally chose an SMD.

A more appropriate part, still available and with good ripple/ESR is Nichicon UHE2A560MPD

Updated spreadsheet attached.

Attached Files
File Type: xlsx AG-1980p and AG-5710 caps - 2022 list with many details.xlsx (95.0 KB, 17 downloads)
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05-13-2023, 03:43 PM
mistateo mistateo is offline
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This is a great post MrPete!

I am working on something similar for the AG-1980p specifically because as you noted, there are significant differences in the main board (and it seems like more caps in general in the AG-1980P). I started by downloading the "AG-1980_caps" spreadsheet from the last comment on this post: https://www.digitalfaq.com/forum/vcr...-1980-a-6.html. I painstakingly validated every part number for every board against the AG-1980P service manual and even found 3 typos.

I then looked up the values you had in your spreadsheet for replacement part numbers and input them into my spreadsheet. Now there are 14 capacitors that are exclusive to the AG-1980P and 2 or 3 exclusive to the AG-5710 (67 distinct part numbers on 1980 vs 54 on the 5710). Originally the AG-1980 had 65 distinct values, but mine has 2 additional electrolytic through hole cans (C1016 and C1022) in the power supply that aren't mentioned in the service manual, so I added them (though I have no original part number for those).

As you pointed out, the original part numbers were discontinued, and in some cases, the immediate replacement was discontinued, etc. So I am left with 14 part numbers I couldn't pull from your spreadsheet (unique to AG-1980 I suppose) and I don't have original numbers for 2 power supply caps, so voltage+capacitance+physical size was as close as I could get for those (unless you have another suggestion). I am hoping avoiding having to "guess" on these 14 caps and was wondering if they might be lurking in your "cross reference spreadsheet" you mentioned in your initial post. If not, it's easy for me to identify voltage and capacitance, but guessing size involves pulling the board(s) and physically measuring. Also, I don't really know the differences between the respective "series" of capacitors, whether a cap was originally bipolar, etc. So hoping you can help me out with info for these 14 caps if you have it:


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05-15-2023, 11:48 AM
MrPete MrPete is offline
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Sometimes, the easiest thing is to search online
Not all are in stock, but finding specs wasn't difficult for the first few.

I don't have time at the moment to fill this in... but I think you can take it from here. We would all benefit I'm sure! If you can fill in the cap board/locations, that would be awesome...

ECA1AGE221 https://www.tedss.com/2020117020
ECEA0JKA221 https://www.mouser.com/ProductDetail...c/ECE-A0JKA221
ECEA0JKN220 https://na.industrial.panasonic.com/...59/model/87494
ECEA1AKS330 https://www.mouser.com/ProductDetail...c/ECE-A1AKS330
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capacitors, panasonic, part numbers, repair, vendor

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