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02-10-2021, 10:50 AM
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I got myself a Sony DCR-TRV240E for digitizing some Video8 cassettes, based on volkjagers Hi8/D8 camera list. The built-in TBC is working nicely, unfortunately there's a green glow at the right edge throughout the video:

I found a post on videohelp about this issue, with other users reporting the TRV120E, TRV320E, TRV345E, TRV460E & TRV720E producing the same green edge.

I guess there's nothing to do about it? But maybe this should be noted in the above list of good camcorders - some kind of warning with Sony camcorders from the DCR-TRVxxx line.

But IF there's something to do about it, I'll be glad to hear it of course! I'm not sure if I should try filtering the green out, or invest in another camcorder...

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02-11-2021, 09:29 AM
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I experienced the same issue with my Sony DCR-TRV460E. Apparently it occurs with all Sony Digital8 PAL model camcorders when a video8 or Hi8 tape is played through it. I don't think Digital8 tapes are affected and I haven't seen any reports from users of NTSC models.

It can be fixed in filtering using AviSynth. When I find the post I will give credit to the person who posted it, but I can not find the original post right now. Anyway what he posted is in the attached AviSynth script and it worked wonders on my test capture.

EDIT: Credit to jagabo over at VideoHelp for that very helpful script. It is from a thread titled
Hi8 capture using Digital8 camcorder - Edge color issues

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07-05-2022, 01:46 PM
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A little update for this issue: I specially bought a new camera to digitize those Video8 tapes, a Sony CCD-TRV300E (pretty cheap, €20, but with zoom & top lid broken), but it has the same problem!! So is that another camera that should be added to the 'watch out' list? Or could it be that there is something wrong with my tapes...
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07-06-2022, 02:56 AM
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These are generally recording issues, or more accurately the recording camcorder. With overscan, you never knew anything was wrong.

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