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09-19-2021, 06:49 AM
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Here is my set up

Source tapes: Hi8 recorded by Sony TRV95E Hi8 XR PAL camcorder played back on Sony TRV461E D8 Handycam.
Capture Card: 710-USB
System: Win7 SP1 32-bit, VirtualDub 1.9.11, Lagarith/YUY2, audio capture to uncompressed PCM

Sony TRV461E D8 Handycam:
TBC: ON. I guess it helps; should i leave this ON? I do not have an external TBC.
DNR: OFF. Color noise reduction post capture

Crossbar Thing:
Video Extensions tab: Does startup mode impact capture? I guess not.
Pinnacle_Video Extensions.jpg
Video Decoder tab: Should "VCR Input" be checked or unchecked?
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VirtualDub Settings
I have arrived at the following setting based on my understanding from the detailed VirtualDub guide by sanlyn - http://www.digitalfaq.com/forum/vide...-settings.html Pinnalce_Video Decoder.jpg

Drop frames when captured frames are too close together: Unchecked. Will VirtualDub report dropped frames if unchecked?
Insert null frames when captured frames are too far apart: Selected/Checked, since I do not have an external frame TBC. Do null frames help to keep A/V going out of sync?
Sync audio to video by resampling the audio to a faster or slower rate: Checked
Correct video timing rate got fewer frame drops/inserts: Unchecked for for integrated A/V cards
Automatically disable resync when integrated audio/video capture is detected: Checked - as suggested for integrated A/V cards
Direct Show Options: Check "force audio clock" entry

Could you please comment on these settings and if I can proceed to capture with these? Thanks

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Someday, 12:01 PM
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09-19-2021, 07:50 AM
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Yes, line TBC on.

That's not Crossbar Thing. That's the Pinnacle driver dialog.
Most is left at default.
"VCR input" does nothing.

VirtualDub, top setting wrong, you want to drop here.
This card has internal sync, so do not resync. Auto checked is correct.
Don't force audio clock.

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09-19-2021, 09:31 AM
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Thanks for the quick reply LS. I have attached the revised settings to confirm my understanding.

I have also corrected the title of the thread.

Update: The corrected title is not being reflected - I guess I may have to edit the title elsewhere

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710-usb, hi8 capture, virtualdub capture

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