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Steves_87 09-23-2022 04:31 AM

Re advice vhs capture
Hi Iím new here wanting to know what vcr I should get to use with the Panasonic drm-es15 how would I connect it and capture to pc I assume if I got a non s vhs only
Way I could connect is using composite is this going to give me
A relative good quality if I get an s vhs with s video how am I going to capture to to the pc with s video needing help please

RolfE 09-24-2022 05:34 PM

Welcome to the forum!
I am far from any expert myself, but I have spent some hours reading through this forum. Therefore I will try to point you to where you could start reading. Hopefully a more experienced member will chime in aswell.

Regarding what VCR you should get.
In this forum post, VCR buying guide, you find some FAQ regarding VCRs and mentions of different models. Check it out and compare it with what VCR that are offered in your market (second hand naturally). There is also a marketplace in this forum that can have some VCR listings.

Connecting DMR ES-15
You should check out this post on Videohelp. The author provides multiple links to other posts aswell.
Here is a guide on settings on the DVD recorder.
You need a remote, although the settings can be accessed with an android phone with IR blaster as I described here.

What country or region do you reside in? Do you have NTSC or PAL?

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