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I've been interested in getting V2000 tapes for a while now, and I'm currently looking into getting a VCR. I know one of the latest models was the Philips VR2840 (probably the best of them, but I'm not sure).

Is there a buying guide, or any recommendations, for this format?
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12-02-2022, 10:09 AM
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It was a short lived format, Only few models being made, Composite out only, No HiFi Stereo. Unless you know how to fix them they will all need repair despite what the seller advertise it at, Power supply capacitor tends to short out and should be replaced before turning on the machine, If you have a collection of tapes maybe it's worth the adventure. A lot of youtube videos being made just watch and learn, Video99.co.uk made a lot of repair videos about them.

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12-04-2022, 07:58 AM
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Given the scant few machines, lack of features, and limited reach of the format (PAL only), no buying guide is needed. You'll essentially buy whatever is available. It's not like VHS VCRs, Hi8 cameras, etc, where you have choices, and features matter.

But also note this:
Originally Posted by Wikipedia
A key intention of the V2000 format, thanks to DTF, was tape compatibility. A tape from any machine should play perfectly on any other machine. Unfortunately, when the VR2020 reached the shops it was discovered that its audio head was 2.5mm out of position compared to that on Grundig's Video 24. This meant that the sound would be out of sync with the picture when played back on the other type of machine. Both manufacturers' production lines hastily moved the audio head 1.25mm to a common position, but compatibility issues remained for recordings made on the first generation of machines.
https://www.totalrewind.org/v2000/V_2020.htm has more details on this issue.

Essentially, the V2020 decks are not what you want, if you have V2000 recordings. And probably vice versa.

To further what latreche said above:
highly prone to problems, and indeed a survey in the 1980's found that V2000 machines were significantly more likely to have needed repairs than Betamax or VHS decks.
And it being now the 2020s, the decks all are guaranteed broken, junk, parts, unless refurb'd by somebody with skills to do it.

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