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from http://www.lsilogic.com/products/product_showcase

DVD Recorders
  • Daewoo DHR-6105P
  • Daewoo DH-8105
  • Ellion DVR-530C/530S
  • GoVideo R6740
  • GoVideo R6640
  • JVC DR-M10
  • JVC DR-M100
  • LG Electronics DR-4810
  • LG Electronics DR-4912
  • Lite-On LVW-5006
  • Lite-On LVW-5005
  • Lite-On LVW-5002
  • Lite-On LVW 5001
  • Magnavox MRV700VR
  • Panasonic DMR-ES20
  • Philips DVDR3305
  • Philips DVDR3355
  • Philips DVDR3365
  • Philips DVDR600VR
  • Philips DVDR615
  • Philips DVDR630VR
  • Samsung R100
  • Samsung R120
  • Samsung R125
DVD recorders with hard drives
  • JVC DR-MH30
  • JVC DR-MH300
  • JVC DR-MH35
  • JVC DV-MH5
  • JVC DV-MH50
  • JVC DV-MH55
  • LG Electronics RH-4820
  • LG Electronics RH-7000
  • Lite-On LVW 5020
  • Lite-On LVW 5045
  • Samsung HR700
DVD recorder with VCR combo
  • Allegro ABR521
  • Daewoo DVR-540
  • GoVideo VR4940
  • Insignia IS-DVD1001
  • JVC DV-MF1
  • JVC DV-MF3
  • JVC DV-MV1
  • JVC DV-MV3
  • JVC DV-MV5
  • LG Electronics LHY-518
  • LG Electronics LRY-517
  • LG Electronics RC68227
  • LG Electronics XBR342
  • LG Electronics XBR446
  • Philips DVDR600
  • Philips DVDR3350H
  • Philips DVDR3360H
  • Philips DVDR3370H
  • Samsung VR300
  • Samsung VR320
  • Samsung VR325
  • Toshiba D-VR4
  • Zenith XBR413
  • Zenith ZRY-316
DVD recorder combo with VCR plus hard drive
  • JVC DR-MX1
  • JVC DR-MX3
  • JVC DR-MX5

This is by far the best chipset for DVD recorders, provides the cleanest image in most recording modes (if used properly), and can filter out video noise like chroma flaws.

The best recorders are still made by JVC. This chipset is part of the reason why.

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07-03-2019, 03:12 PM
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Hello and sorry for replying to old thread.
I read about the LSI chipset and decided to open my old DVD/HDD DVR unit and I found out it has a LSI chipset. Motherboard date on the DVR is "2007.03.06". Now I'm wondering would it make sense to use it as TBC for video signal from a VCR or use it to record VHS videos to internal HDD? Since apparently one can browse HDD files on a computer. I also attached an image of the chip on the motherboard to this post.

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07-03-2019, 03:46 PM
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It depends what you expect from it. The LSI chipset does excellent mpeg/DV encoding and main system control, but the I think analog video decoding would usually be done by a separate chip. So the exact behaviour will depend on what A/D chip the DVD recorder has and how it's set up. E.g the JVC DH-M300 has a TVP5150AM chip (like the ATI 600 USB capture card). I don't know what DVD recorder the one you have is.

Most likely it won't act help much with wiggly horizontal lines, but it may help with signal stability and avoiding dropped frames compared to a raw capture to a capture card.

If you have one I would simply test it.
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07-03-2019, 05:08 PM
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I don't know if it is wise to continue this in this thread, but:
So I opened it again and found out that the A/D chip is Phillips SAA7138GHL. It has interesting marketing speech including "Automatic VCR Detection and SuperSynch", but I don't know if it actually does anything.
I also checked out the HDMI out chip and it is AD9389A. Now I'm wondering if it would be worth it to input VCR signal using SCART and output it as 576i signal to external HDMI capture card?

P.S. the DVR/DVD combo model is LG RHT297H.
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07-03-2019, 05:51 PM
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Right so I just recently got a slightly older LG with a similar A/D chip (SAA7137*). I seemed quite solid on my quick and dirty test but YMMV. It didn't do much horizontal jitter and tearing like e.g Panasonic DMR-ES10 does. A downside is that you can't adjust brightness/contrast on these so you have to hope the automatic gain control will avoid clipping bright and/or dark spots.

It's possible to capture from the HDMI ports though you may need a HDMI that can strip the HDCP copy protection like this (worked with one I bought a few months). Don't think there is a big difference between capturing from HDMI and capturing with a decent analog capture card from the S-Video or component ports though.

Also, a DVD recorder will typically output macrovision, either all the time or when it thinks the content is copy-protected, which not all capture cards handle well.
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