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NJRoadfan 05-18-2014 07:41 PM

ATI All-in-Wonder 9600XT and Windows 7 works!
I decided to do a test run of it since I had a spare hard drive laying around. Getting video capture working really isn't hard. With my card I just installed the latest Catalyst driver (10.4 for my card) for Windows XP under Windows 7. Granted, one can't use things like Windows Aero, but video capture works. Trying to force install the WDM capture drivers with the Windows Vista drivers (which otherwise work fine on 7), results in "Can't connect to capture driver" in VirtualDub. There is likely a hook of some sort missing in the Vista drivers for the Theater 200 drivers to work. Whats odd is that the Theater 200 appears as an Unknown Device with the Vista drivers, so something is being exposed.

I have not tried to get MMC working at all. Chances are that will require fiddling with ancient circa 2006 drivers to get working. Otherwise, raw YUY2 capture via HuffYUV works.

lordsmurf 05-19-2014 01:11 AM

You can manually install the drivers and MMC, and they both work. My issue for the pat year has been successfully recreating the process on several systems. Even reformatting and recreating it on the same system has proven difficult at times. I plan to tackle this problem in June. I've got all the test systems setup again.

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Partial success!:yahoo3:

I can successfully install ATI MMC 9.14, using one of the Catalyst drivers, on Windows 7 fresh installs. Yay! However, ATI MMC 9.14 has a display error on widescreen monitors. For some reason, 4:3 is wide, and 16:9 is super wide. Trying to use another MMC version is proving elusive, as it requires some XP drivers that were not present in 7 (and maybe Vista). At the moment, I'm trying this route.

Very, very soon, we should have a fool proof method for ATI AIW + ATI MMC on Windows Vista and 7.

For those unsure why this matters: That means 4gb+ RAM and the ability to use better CPUs. ;)

NJRoadfan 08-29-2014 11:18 AM

I am going to be revisiting this again shortly, but with a PCIe AIW X800XL card. I received some Socket 775/PCIe hardware that I would like to replace my Pentium 4 rig with. Wish me luck. If Windows 7 gives me problems, I'll settle on a dual boot of XP (x64 if capture drivers exist and work), and Windows 8.1. I'll likely liquidate my current AGP hardware on the marketplace here. Stay turned.

lordsmurf 08-29-2014 03:50 PM

I tried the x600 PCIe card a while back -- no go. I got even less far than I did with the AGP cards. The drive support for Win 7 is terrible.

I've all but given up the idea of Win 7 working correctly with any ATI cards. Vista was the last repeatable success I had. From what I had read, a few others tried this with some RC1 editions of Win7, and it's worked. But after release, it quit. (You could try to find an old RC1 hacked copy of Win7, but I've not done it.)

ATI MMC pretty much refuses to work in Windows 7, and VirtualDub is very hit-or-miss.

I forget exactly what I tried with the x64 drivers (on 64-bit Win7), but that was a quick dead end.

I wish you lots of good luck here! I hope you can figure out. Because I've been stumped for almost 2 years now.

Rethink ditching the AGP cards -- those are better than the PCIe cards. Especially the 9000s.

NJRoadfan 08-29-2014 04:23 PM

The AGP rig isn't going anywhere yet. From what I read, the way ATI exposed the Theater 200 chip in hardware wasn't compatible with the new WDDM style video drivers that Vista introduced. Just one of many theories why driver support was dropped. Windows 7 still supports the old style Windows XP drivers (MS refers to them as XPDM), but Windows 8 finally abandoned the old driver model completely due to that silly Metro interface requiring DWM.

I really haven't bothered with ATI MMC under 7 on my AGP machine as I never really used it on XP. What are the "cons" of the newer PCIe cards vs. the AGP ones? I know the PCIe cards don't support MMC 8.x at all, but neither do the later "Unified Driver" Catalyst packages for the AGP cards (these are the ones I can get working under 7). For me, just getting DirectShow capture working would be fine.

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Got the X800XT card today. Works fine in XP, but no-go in 7. I got the XP drivers installed, but capture doesn't seem to work. It worked once, but I got green lines in the captured video, after that it ceased to work at all. Locks up the machine nicely. The T200 Unified Streamer driver will come up with an exclamation point on reboot and refuse to start. Looks like this machine will get an XP dual-boot instead.

Any interest in an image of the original AIW X800XT PCIe install CD? I got the card boxed (with all the cables!).

lordsmurf 02-17-2015 08:11 PM

I retired everything this week. I've confirmed the same issue with x600 and x1900 cards.
The drivers will actually install, but the card does not exist to the system (VirtualDub).
I actually have several 64-bit drivers -- none of them work.
Note that all PCIe cards appear to be the same for the capture hardware, only the graphics hardware differs.

I'm ready to call it: ATI All In Wonder PCIe cards DO NOT WORK with anything other than Windows XP.

The 7000 and 9000 series cards, however, are more promising. (But it's still VERY hit-or-miss.)

ATI_hobby 11-15-2020 11:25 PM

Wondering if anyone will find this info helpful or if I'm repeating the obvious... but it's possible to get a PCIe AIW x600 working in Win7 with VirtualDub, as follows.

I started with a clean Win7 32-bit install & slipstreamed updates through November 2017 (my Arcsoft Blu-ray/DVD-HD player software breaks with January 2018 fixes for Meltdown and Spectre).
Windows Update Catalog RADEON X600 Display Driver Version (4/25/2009).
For Theater 200 Unknown Device -- ATI T200 Driver Version (2/3/2009) extracted from Catalyst 9.3-10.2.
TB Santa Cruz sound Win7 Chinese Drivers
VirtualDub 1.9.11
Asus P5B-Deluxe motherboard with Q6600

No luck getting MMC working with this method (9.02-9.16 versions seemed to install OK and gave a welcome screen when launched, but followed with a "Unable to start TV"... check video driver message).

Win7 64-bit capture with VirtualDub also worked but not tested with a sound card (unsure if TB Santa Cruz will work).

lordsmurf 11-16-2020 01:00 AM

You got x64 Win7 to see an ATI AIW in VirtualDub !!!??? :eek:

If you have a slipstreamed install of x64 AIW, I need to see it. I'll blank out a HDD and test.

But the main question is whether it will work with any AIW, or only certain versions like x600. My test/dev box has a 7500 AGP. The 7500 cards were more tolerant to WinVista/7 x86 installs than 9000s, and the EOL "x" card (x1800/x1900) refused to install. x64 did not work, and T200 was unknown (never known, even when forced). I never tested again with x600/x800, could not be located at the time.

jwillis came to the conclusion that the x64 drivers may need to be rewritten, but I don't know that he ever spend more time on it. He had some good info here. Much is in the forum already, he made many lengthy posts. Some may require Q&A with him (ideally in forum posts, not PMs/emails) to get whatever he may know about it, idea he had, next moves to make.

Did you remember to change the software compatibility to XP for MMC? It's been some years since I last attempted this, but I do vaguely recall that being necessary.

TB Santa Cruz has drivers for post-XP, and I believe those work fine in x64.
Those are in the forum:

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