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09-15-2016, 10:10 PM
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This is the beginning of a proposed list of NTSC DVD Recorders confirmed to record PAL VHS tapes as PAL DVDs for those of us in NTSC land who have a PAL VCR and want to convert to DVD the occasional PAL VHS tapes we come across. I know that many computer video capturing devices will accept a PAL signal. I have one. But many of us also enjoy the simplicity and ease of using a DVD recorder.

These DVD recorders are for PAL VHS to PAL DVD. No standards conversion is involved. (Thatís another separate and painful subject.) But standards conversion is not the problem it once was. Nowadays, finding a NTSC DVD player that will play back a PAL DVD is easy. But finding a NTSC DVD recorder that will accept a PAL signal and record it in PAL is not so easy.

Philips DVD recorders are most often mentioned, but not all Philips NTSC DVD recorders work for this.

Information on this function is scattered and I don't think I've ever seen a comprehensive list. After my Philips DVDR 80 died a few years ago, I had been trying to find a replacement for doing PAL input and finally acquired the Philips DVDR 3400, which is ideal in this respect.

Confirmed NTSC DVD Records that do accept PAL input and record:

Philips DVDR 3400/37 (2006)
This will take the PAL VHS signal and record to PAL DVD while outputting to a NTSC TV set so you can see what is going on. For those in the opposite situation, it can also be set to PAL TV output and do the reverse -- that is NTSC input to NTSC DVD. So a nice universal recorder. LSI chipset.

Philips DVDR 80 (2002)
This will take the PAL VHS signal and record to PAL DVD, but the screen will go black when connected to a NTSC set while doing this (at least it did for my old CRT set).

NTSC Philips DVD Recorders that do not accept PAL input
Philips DVDR 615/37 (2004)
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