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05-10-2024, 09:46 AM
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1440 is good for easing the math but it doesn't go well with HD and UHD monitors, a downscale will follow eventually to 1080 or 2160 in hardware. And for VHS some like to crop the edges so the resolution is no longer 480, a little lower than that. Unfortunately it will never be an official screen resolution, After HD, everything doubles up.

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05-17-2024, 12:58 PM
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Originally Posted by latreche34 View Post
...It's about the resolution itself, 720 is a destructive middle man according to math, one loss from 480 to 720 and another loss from 720 to 1080 or 2160... Keep in mind resizing is a lossy process, anyone tells you it's lossless is misleading you.
Oh I'd never resize upward in more than one step. If I did 480 to 720, then wanted 1080, I'd go 480 to 1080. I've never heard anyone suggest resizing is lossless. EVERYTHING is lossy, unless explicitly stated otherwise.
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