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Maybe some here already know the filter. For the ones who do not, it's a filter similar to the curves function in painting programs. It allows some simple corrections like brightness, contrast and gamma as well as some advanced color corrections and manipulations. It supports other color spaces than RGB as well (YUV/CMYK/HSV/Lab).

The filter can be handy when it comes to color correction/restoration as it can combine different steps into one.

Color correction/manipulation example using Lab space:

My site & download:

For those who are not familiar with gradation curves I've made a tutorial about how to use different curves with a lot of sample images here:
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I've seen this mentioned many times by users in the past. I may have used it at some point in the past, but in more recent years I began to use ColorMill in VirtualDub. As of last year, I've started to use Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 for color correction, as it's even more accurate. Premiere has come a long way in the past 2-3 versions, making it a viable tool for certain features that had previously only been possible (or only done in good quality) by VirtualDub and/or Avisynth.

Gradation Curves is definitely a decent VDub filter.

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