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08-01-2022, 12:25 PM
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1. I am using Selur Hybrid (2022.03.20.1) to restore 8mm camcorder footage, and upscale to 1440p 60fps, in order to upload to YouTube (1440p videos unlock a better codec in YouTube).

2. After setting the crop to remove the black from the side and junk from bottom, the source video is now 692x472.

3. After setting the resize height to 1440, the video dimension is now 2112x1440.

  • If YouTube is the distribution method, does it matter that the dimension is not a standard (eg, 1920x1440)?
  • Assuming one wanted to get to 1920x1440, how does one distort(?)/squish(?) the 2112 width in Selur Hybrid to get to 1920?

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08-02-2022, 03:44 AM
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I do not know about Hybrid, but if you start from a 720x480 frame you should rebuild it before any upscale, otherwise you introduce a distortion of proportions. Even better if you rebuild a 704x480 frame.

crop 14 rigth, 0 top, 14 left, 8 bottom -> 692 x 472
addborders 14 rigth, 0 top, 14 left, 8 bottom -> 720 x 480 or addborders 6 rigth, 0 top, 6 left, 8 bottom -> 704 x 480

1080/3*4=1440 -> upscale to 1440x1080

1920-1440=480, 480/2=240 -> addborders 240 rigth, 0 top, 240 left, 0 bottom -> 1920 x 1440

If the left and right cropping do not remove any defect, they are useless since the beginnig.

A channel on S-VHS / VHS capture and AviSynth restoration https://bit.ly/3mHWbkN
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