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Hi LordSmurf. I just wanted to confirm whether the Datavideo TBC-3000 PAL version can be changed to NTSC. In Sept. 2017, you said:

There were at least 3 generations of TBC-3000.
1- Cannot change PAL/NTSC, perhaps upgrade of 2000? Maybe even same board from 2000.
2- Jumpers to change PAL/NTSC and IRE.
3- DIP to change PAL/NTSC and IRE.
But in June 2018, you didn't make reference to the three types and you said:

The DataVideo TBC-100 and TBC-1000 are auto-switching, while the others (3000, 4000, 7000) have internal DIP or jumper to control PAL/NTSC (and IRE).
Can you confirm that there really are different versions of the Datavideo TBC-3000 (PAL), and if so, is there any way a person could tell by looking at the box or back of the unit?

Note: for the benefit of others finding this thread, Lord Smurf has also said that some Datavideo TBC-3000 units have good TBC and good proc amp inside, which some others have weak proc amp. So, a bit hit and miss.
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There are actually at least 4 versions of the TBC-3000.
- Some are PAL only, others NTSC only.
- Some NTSC swap to PAL, but the PAL is awful. Some PAL do NTSC, but the NTSc is awful.
- Some have quirks when swapped.
- Some swap fine.

Not all have the DIP, only certain gen models. (FYI, if you're looking at that $3k scratched model of eBay, probably not it. The seller is a goober that wouldn't know a TBC from a toaster. No idea how these units should function, nor how to test the functionality.)

The proc amp also differed over the years.

This is one of those items that I've written about for decades, and in that time units changed, more info brought to light one existing.

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