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Preface / Introduction

Far too often, website owners treat web hosting as a technobabble requirement to be online, and choose the cheapest or so-called “unlimited” hosting plans. Such a grave mistake is likely why you’re reading this page — you’ve been screwed over by a host that disappeared, was unreliable, or made promises that it could not keep. You were probably even the victim of one of those fake “review” sites.

At The Digital FAQ, we’ve created a review system based on classic print journalism standards. You won’t find any fake affiliate-driven lists here. We’ve spent thousands of hours testing and using the hosts listed in this section of the site, and interacting with their staff. In addition to helping you select a better host, it’s also our goal to teach you more about hosting, in order to avoid problems in the future. Be sure to read our web hosting guides, in addition to the web hosting reviews.

Web Host Reviews

We’ve broken down the reviews in several sections for you: by location, by

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How We Test / Review


Three Rules for Choosing a Host

#1 – You inherit the reputation of your host! – If you choose a “cheap” (low-quality) host, then you’re going to have a low-quality site. Your online reputation is directly effected by the uptime and speed of the host. If your site runs or represents a business, then it’s foolish to use a budget-grade host.

#2 – “Hosting” is an actual computer! – Understand that you’re renting space on a computer. It’s not just some magic place. Though generally more powerful than your home/office desktop computer, there are still limitations to how much it can run, and how much data it can hold. Remember that your host is your site’s physical home. Therefore you should select a web host with the same degree of research and scrutiny as you would when choosing a new home or office lease.

#3 – Which Hosts Are Good Bad? – While a list of top 10 web hosts may be useful, the best way to avoid bad hosts is to understand why bad hosts even exist. Read our three-part editorial — Why Are There So Many Bad Web Hosts? — and then come back to this page.


Are you a host, and want to be reviewed?

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