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dovedescent7 07-18-2009 02:12 PM

KVCD: 700mb size kvcd to share?
Ive been trying to make a quality kvcd (home movie) ;) for weeks that is uploadable by torrent etc etc... My first i made came out to be 500 ish mb and the quality wasnt that great...second third and fourth just are frustrating me(either too big or small)....After FINALLY finding out how to actually get a 137 min movie on one cd,my friends cant burn it or even play it in VLC... And its weird,i use tmpgenc with the recommended kvcd templates,then run through vcdeasy and i end up with the bin and cue files plus an .xml... but im not putting the xml in the torrent file,so im wondering if THATS why its not working when they DL it?????And its weird,i can click on the cue file and it opens and burns with nero just like its supposed to!(FOR ME) but not them after they dl it from torrent ...WTF ive been slaving ,and tweaking,and changing bitrates and templates for weeks...AND reading...(obv not in the right places) Im so frustrated... No im pissed WHY ISNT THERE A MORE SIMPLE GUIDE FOR EXACTLY WHAT I WANT TO DO?OR PROGRAM???? At other things im relatively smart (or at least i like to think) haha but this boggles my mind,like im losing sleep over it because IM losing and the CD is winning! haha

what i SIMPLY make a downloadable,burnable,sharable,watchable, 700ish size kvcd to share.IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK??????WTF God i prey that someone can help me! Grrrrrrrrrrrr

i guess my MAIN problem here is that its not able to open or burn on THEIR end,NOT mine... what could it be?What am i doing...Are these peers just SAYING that or what

Dialhot 07-19-2009 03:20 PM

Problem is to know what torrent does with the file. The guilt is not elsewhere, as you noticed that on your machine everything is ok.

Simply use an other way to share your movie, at least to do a test with a friend and identify if problem is with torrent or not.
I guess you already tried to put all the files in a zip and share this zip ? If not, start with this before to go on megaupload or rapidshare (for instance).
For running a test you can go with a sample disc of just some minutes, no need to upload 700 MB and see that it does not work ;)

Note: I don't even remember that vcdeasy generates an xml, but it is useless for burning.

dovedescent7 07-19-2009 11:38 PM

Ok well,i did it again and in fact the bin/cue ISNT opening with nero.VERY STRANGE.....

as soon as Vcdeasy is done and the bin/cue's are visible in the specified file i can burn it(i click the cue file and nero opens and i burn)comes out great.But like half an hour later when i upload it I CANT BURN IT...Something is really weird here.Also VLC is not playing these files(before OR after making a torrent).What the heck is going on.One guy mentioned i mite be missing a .dll or something...BOTTOMLINE i can burn it INITIALLY but then later,(MAYBE AFTER CREATING TORRENT-idk if thats the problem), i cant burn it.

[An Error occured while loading the cue sheet file]
(line 1)

Dialhot 07-20-2009 04:00 AM


Originally Posted by dovedescent7
But like half an hour later when i upload it I CANT BURN IT...

So the upload opearation is touching the content of the file. Need to understand why.


Also VLC is not playing these files(before OR after making a torrent).
Not sure VLC ever played a VCD. Moreover a non standard VCD like KVCD.


[An Error occured while loading the cue sheet file]
(line 1)
The cue file is simply a text file. Do a copy of it, upload the torrent, and open the cue file in a text editor. Compare the first line with the one in the copy you did. Check also that the upload did not change the name of the files: the "cue" file contains the name of the "img" file, so if the filenames are changed, the cue needs to be updated.

Last thing: are you using a ftp software or something similar ? Things about set it to "BIN" type file and not "ASCII".

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