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TMPGEnc Video Encoding Templates for KVCD
Templates make a difficult task easier — and video tasks are among the most difficult ones in modern computing. Below are several templates that you may find useful for MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 video encoding.

Download Instructions

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TMPGEnc Video Encoding Templates

Although it’s now more than 10 years old, TMPGEnc Plus 2.5 is still one of the most customizable high-quality MPEG encoders around — and it’s dirt cheap at only $37. It was this level of customization that allowed for advanced tweaking of the settings, especially the encoding matrices.

In the tables below are the primary optimized KVCD and KDVD templates, which use the “K” method of encoding MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 for CD and DVD media. Below the three tables are some further notes on the templates.


NameFormatResolutionTime Per DVDQualityDownload
KDVD Half D1NTSC352x480600 minutescable TV
KDVD Half D1PAL352x576600 minutescable TV
KDVD Full D1NTSC720x480360 minutesDVD
KDVD Full D1PAL720x576360 minutesDVD


NameFormatResolutionTime Per CDQualityDownload
SKVCD (KSVCD)NTSC352x480120 minutescable TV
SKVCD (KSVCD)PAL352x576120 minutescable TV
KVCDx3NTSC528x48075-100 minutescable TV
KVCDx3PAL528x57675-100 minutescable TV


NameFormatResolutionTime Per CDQualityDownload
KVCD ULBRNTSC352x240360 minutesnoisy VHS
KVCD ULBRPAL352x288360 minutesnoisy VHS
KVCD LBRNTSC352x240180 minutesnoisy VHS
KVCD LBRPAL352x288180 minutesnoisy VHS
KVCD CQNTSC352x240120 minutesVHS
KVCD CQPAL352x288120 minutesVHS
KVCD CQNTSC352x480120 minutescable TV
KVCD CQPAL352x576120 minutescable TV
KVCDx2 CQNTSC704x48090 minutescable TV
KVCDx2 CQPAL704x57690 minutescable TV
KVCDx3NTSC528x48075-100 minutescable TV
KVCDx3PAL528x57675-100 minutescable TV

Note that extended, alternate, and beta/testing templates can be found in the forum.

The times given in the chart are maximum, and will be affected by the content of your videos. The output quality is also heavily affected by the input/source quality. Commercial DVD sources, for example, will look much better than a ratty VHS capture unless it’s heavily prefiltered in Avisynth before encoding. High compression works best with high quality source.

Tip: The tables can be sorted by column by clicking on the column header.

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