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shibumi 04-25-2004 04:16 PM

Pulldown on mpeg1 ?
Have read many a time that its not possible to apply pulldown to mpeg1 streams,wonderd if sum1 could verify what im doing as working?
heres the steps I follow-
1)Mux mpeg1 and mp2 in Tmgenc as svcd
2)use the muxxed file as a source in dvdlab
3)dvdlab splits the file into mpv and mpa
4)dvdlab reports that 24fps needs pulldown,and applies it

So i end up with a mpv that is 25fps(great for me,i want pal) and i use besweet to re-encode the audio from 23.9 to 25fps.

Anyway,this has worked on all of my kvcd files and have managed to get 6 one and a half hour movies on each disc with no probs,which were all originally mpeg1 at 23,9fps.Hope this helps those who want to put kvcd onto dvd without doing full re-encodes.

Boulder 04-26-2004 02:58 AM

There's no pulldown for PAL video. You should use the line AssumeFPS(25.000) in your Avisynth script to speed up the video properly.

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