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latreche34 12-25-2015 01:01 AM

Wanted: S-VHS Multi System VCR
Wanted for a project multi system PAL/SECAM/NTSC S-VHS deck.

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lordsmurf 12-26-2015 07:33 AM

Are you still wanting the JVC 7600AM:
Or do you now just want *any* multi-format deck?

latreche34 12-26-2015 09:00 AM

There isn't many S-VHS multi system decks out there, The S7600AM is my top favorite, My other thread was never posted though it was an error had to make another thread with little changes, but you can go ahead and delete either one.

Goldwingfahrer 12-27-2015 04:11 AM

My S-Video Multi System is a Samsung SV-300W
SV-5000 + SV-7000 and the Pana NV W1 are only CVBS [composite models]
Instead of "multi" I prefer to take NTSC and PAL separated.

latreche34 12-27-2015 01:36 PM

It would cost more to buy 3 S-VHS VCR's just for one job, I will keep looking for one multi system deck and keep it after the project is done, The tapes are stored safely so I can wait longer until I come across one, The difference of quality of multi system vs single system is not important for the type of job I will be doing, they are just home videos, picnics, weddings etc shot with consumer grade S-VHS and VHS camcorders.

-- merged --

Well fellas, I just pulled the trigger on JVC HR-S7600AM from a very reputable Chinese website, I understand it's a high risk transaction but I will gamble on it, $127 only including shipping, The seller has a good feedback but he is listing 5 of them, suspicious number as they are hard to find, Will let you know if I will receive it or if I got burned.

Follow the story...

latreche34 01-11-2016 11:07 PM

The Chinese seller turned to be a liar, he has none in stock and yet kept accepting orders, anyway I got refunded 100%.
I did not give up, I have another one coming, from another seller, I asked him to send me pictures of the item, he sent me pictures of the VCR being packed so I know he has one, The question now will I receive it?
Stay tuned...

lordsmurf 01-13-2016 06:23 PM


Originally Posted by latreche34 (Post 41778)
The Chinese seller turned to be a liar, he has none in stock and yet kept accepting orders.

I believe the saying is "you could knock me over with a feather". :laugh:

Aside from little adapters, and non-essential doodads (camera lens caps, etc), I rarely have a good experience buying directly from China. If it costs over $50, I'm just not doing it. I broke my own rule back in 2014, and lost about $100 as a result.

latreche34 01-14-2016 02:19 AM

I don't really buy Chinese made products, The VCR is made in Japan and a piece of collection like that is hard to find, so sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.

latreche34 01-26-2016 09:22 PM

The Chinese seller send me the tracking number 6 days ago, guess what I received the VCR yesterday, so it took only 5 days to ship from China to here the van says on-trac on it so I guess it is faster than DHL/UPS/FedEx, anyway the VCR was packed nicely no damage, tested it with NTSC and PAL VHS tapes and worked cherry, Haven't tried recording yet, and I'm not sure if I ever need the recording function.

First impression: The S-VHS doesn't really make a big difference if the tape is VHS but the TBC makes a whole lot of a difference, Hooked up to the VMC-1 using S-video cable and playing back on VLC media player with firewire cable, I did few quick tests:
When internal TBC is ON and than using the VMC-1 TBC I don't see a lot of difference, but when the VCR TBC is OFF and VMC-1 TBC is ON it makes almost the same difference as the internal TBC, So my guess is the VMC-1 TBC is as good as the internal TBC when it comes to straightening the horizontal lines, however the VCR TBC cleans up the chroma impurities and makes the picture cleaner which the VMC-1 TBC didn't even come close, Havn't played around with S-VHS tapes yet.

latreche34 01-26-2016 11:29 PM

I'm still looking for the JVC HR-S7600AM remote control though as the one that I have received don't have one.

latreche34 02-02-2016 03:13 AM

I bought the remote control for it, All good.

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