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lordsmurf 02-17-2010 01:56 PM

A Canopus DV converter box does not replace a TBC ??

Sorry to bug you with a private PM.

In the capture sticky and other places you have specifically said that a Canopus box is not a TBC.
Indeed, it is not a TBC, it does not replace a TBC, it does not negate the need for a TBC. A DV converter box converts a signal to DV, errors and all. A TBC removes timing signal errors from analog sources. Two totally separate items, not related at all. This rumor was started by B&H salesmen, but I think that was ended a couple of months ago finally.


In your reply to my post on 'Capture' forum. I followed your advice and bought an AVT-8710 .. but since starting to use it seeing problems ...I posted the issue (pasted below) would appreciate your advice on this ...
The AVT-8710 is a great TBC, and will help to purify a signal, removing errors that could harm the image quality, or prevent a capture box from capturing/recording the signal.


After advice here I bought an AVT-8710 TBC to get the best out of my VHS conversions.
.Panasonic NV-H 800 > AV-8710 > ADVC300 > Sony Vegas capture
----->svideo - -> svideo --->IEE 1394
That should work fine. I'm not a big fan of those DV boxes, nor of Vegas, but it would work.


Started to use it for first time and very strange result – which is perplexing.
VHS tape has an opening sequence of black, then some title text, after about 10 sec , a then second title screen, followed 10sec later by gradual fade in of video.
If I play the tape .. this works fine.
According to another recent post on this topic, this may be an issue of interlacing that you've observed, and how it differs on a progressive computer display.


When I digitized it without TBC all digitized OK, however when I digitized today with the 8710 in the path, the resulting capture has the first title screens OK, but when the second screen comes in the first stays .. so ends up with a text overlay mix.
If I look at frames individually they are correct, but when I play the DV file it’s screwed ….. weird ?
The rest of the video seems to have captured OK …
This may just be a difference between two captures. Interlacing doesn't always match, being two fields in size.


I also saw a few frames lost.
How? Lost frames would be repeated, and a TBC would actually work to prevent lost frames. Frames are lost by capture devices when the signal is unstable, or when the computer has insufficient resources for the capturing process.


Thinking it something stupid … I cleaned video heads, and ran capture again … same thing?
Good to clean heads once in a while, but unrelated to this.


Is there something I need to do here …………….. could there be interaction between 8710 & ADVC300 ? or is it something else? Do I need to turn anything off on ADVC300 ?
It could be the infamously over-sensitve Canopus ADVC-300 NR coming into play. The noise reduction is simply too harsh at times.

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Tafflad 02-17-2010 03:01 PM

Thanks for reply .... you have mentioned Canopus has over-sensitive noise reduction.

The options I can set are noise reduction level on Y and C on both 2D and 3D and if selected the 3D Y/C Seperation.

They are currently all set to 'weak' .... do you think it better to turn all off ?

admin 02-17-2010 03:11 PM

Weak or off. If you don't see problems on weak, then weak is fine.

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