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WestRGB 08-14-2020 12:21 PM

VirtualDub Help - Video Standard & Frame Rate
I am new to VirtualDub, so please forgive my inexperience. I'm having an issue where I cannot set the correct Video Standard or Frame Rate in VirtualDub. In following tutorials on this forum and seeing screenshots of other folks' settings in VirtualDub, I realize mine looks different.

Some examples:

1. Under Video, when I hover over Video Source, there is a greyed out text saying "No video sources"

2. Under Video, when I click on Capture Pin, beside Video Standard reads a greyed out text saying "None." The frame rate is set to 25fps. When I try to change it, it changes back to 25.

3. Under Video, when I click on Capture Filter, there is a window with 2 tabs: "Video Proc Amp" and "Camera Control." There is no tab for Video Decoder as I see in other tutorials online.

4. Under Capture, when I click on Settings, a window comes up that looks different from others I see online. There are no tabs, and only 2 selections: "Wait for okay to capture" and "Frame rate." The frame rate here is set to 30fps, and again cannot be changed.

When I try to Capture AVI and select Preview, I see the video playing but the colors fluctuate wildly. I suspect the program is ingesting my NTSC tape as PAL. But I can't seem to change any settings in VirtualDub to fix this.

I've tried VirtualDub versions 1.9.11 and 1.10.4 and VirtualDub2, all with the same results.

My workflow is very poor right now. I only set it up to acquaint myself with the software in anticipation of receiving a professional workflow. I'm using the following:

Cheap Sony VCR --> UCEC USB 2.0 Video Capture Card Device --> VirtualDub on Windows 10.

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated :love:


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