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admin 12-22-2008 03:13 AM

How to Join This Forum! (PREMIUM)
How to Join This Forum as a Premium Member

While most areas of the forum are free and open for to the public, for both viewing and participating, sometimes you really want one-on-one help. As a Premium Member at The Digital FAQ, you'll be exposed to a wealth of digital media knowledge. We'll take the time to provide answers that are specific to your exact problem. We refuse to give useless generic advice, as you'll so often find in books/magazines, or on other websites. We take personal interest in your project, empowering you to succeed at whatever it is that you've set out to do.

How Much? Just $20

For less than the price of a book -- far less than the price of a day class -- you'll have access to our experts. These funds allow us to keep the forum online, updated, and staffed regularly with experts to answer your questions.

Right now, $20 gets you a 1-year subscription.
Or, better yet, get a 3-year subscription for only $35. No BS -- that's a bargain!

(We're actually debating a price increase in 2016, due to rising maintenance costs. So get the current price while it's still available. Lock yourself in at the current pricing.)

What Do Premium Members Get?

Premium Members get several important perks, as compared to free members:
  • Guaranteed replies and answers from our dedicated expert Site Staff members.
  • Priority response times over Free Member questions -- you get answers first!
  • Submit video, audio, photo or other samples, to get our assistance, whether it be settings to improve it, to critique your work, etc. And if you're working on a project, very often we'll be able to create presets or templates, and send you ready-to-use files!
  • Members-only downloads and video tutorials on advanced video, photo and web topics.
  • Removal of almost all of the ads on the forum.
  • Members-only newsletters
... and we're always looking for ways to improve the benefits for our Premium Members.

How Do I Join / Upgrade?

Upgrading to Premium Member status is a simple 2-step process:
  1. You need to already have a Free Member account, and be logged in to the forum. (Not yet a Free Member? See the instructions for registering.)
  2. Visiting the subscription payments page to upgrade your membership.

FAQ / Frequently Asked Questions:

What do Premium Members get?
Free Members will often get quick tips and nudges in the right direction. But as a Premium Member, we'll go more in-depth on your question from Site Staff, by providing whatever is needed to get you to succeed at your project. We'll continue to back-and-forth with you until the issue is resolved. It might take 2 posts, it might take 32 posts -- either way, we'll get you an answer.

How long to get my question answered?
Premium Member questions are generally answered within 24-36 hours, although it can be 3-5 days for more complicated issues (critiques, guide requests, downloading samples, etc). Free Member questions will be answered by Site Staff when timing permits.

Who answers these questions?
Unlike some places, many of our advice-giving members are qualified full-time media professionals! Most questions are answered by forum users admin, kpmedia and lordsmurf. However, there are a number of talented, educated and qualified members here, who come here either of their own free choice, or because we have requested their input on a specific matter. We'll often click the "Thanks!" button when these folks add great answers to questions.

Premium Members can download files, right?
Yep. All site members can download our free templates, filter packs, firmware files, archived abandonware, etc. We do this to prevent leeching, as well as monitor the popularity. (Popular files will get more frequent updates!)

Want more?
Contact us about consulting, e-courses or video/website services.

We look forward to having you as a Premium Member, and helping you with your difficult media projects. :)

admin 08-01-2011 08:52 PM

Please contact us if you have any questions.

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