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Glad to hear from you!
Before contacting us, read the follow requirements:

1. Need some videos converted or restored? Great! We need to know the following:
    - What type of video do you need work done on? (Example: VHS tapes)
    - How many videos are in the project? (Example: 2 tapes)
    - What is the running time of the videos? (Example: 3 hours, 45 minutes) Give your best guess if you're not entirely sure.
    - If you need the audio or video restored, describe the errors you see or hear to the best of your ability (tech terms not required).
    - You must give your budget. We want your business, and we'll let you know what services can fit into your available price range.
    - Skip down to the form and send us a brief e-mail. We'll reply soon!

2. Have a question for our experts? Or feedback/comments regarding our site? Great!
    - We do not answer non-business questions via email! For help, simply join the forum, make a new post, and we'll help you there.
    - For the best detailed one-on-one help, become a Premium Member and you'll get priority support and access to exclusive content
    - Do not ask for illegal/pirated software or serials numbers.
Email Info
Email t2021 @ digitalFAQ.com
Use the subject line digitalFAQ.com Question or we may miss your inquiry.
Understand that we always respond to emails, even if it's simply to say thanks, and never purposely ignore anyone. We generally reply to business-related inquiries within 2-5 days (i.e, video conversions, web-related services, advertising inquiries, review requests, etc). Registration issues are often simple, so we usually reply within 1-2 days. Feedback, tech questions, and all other emails may take 7-15 days to respond, often by copying/pasting the content into a forum post and answering it there.

ISP Email Accounts: Some ISPs have ridiculous "spam" policies that often block non-spam emails. Our servers are 100% clean and spam-free, but these companies have ridiculous filtering. Some get through okay, and some do not. (You should also ask yourself this: What other emails am I not receiving? Work, family, friends, etc? Not good!)

The worst offender include:
  • AOL
  • AT&T (sbcglobal.com)
  • BOL (Brasil)
  • Cablevision (optonline.net)
  • Comcast
  • Earthlink / Mindspring
  • MSN

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