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The Digital FAQ is currently generating up to 200,000 unique visitors per month, and that number steadily grows as time passes. The average viewer spends about 10 minutes per visit, visits multiple pages, and comes back several times per month.

Worldwide news articles have given much attention to this site in the past — including Wired, CBS, the BBC, and the Associated Press — and makes for a prime location to advertise digital media products and services.

Many of the site visitors are new to digital video, digital photography and web hosting, and are very impressionable. This is a niche site dedicated to digital media, with a concentration in

  • digital video and DVD/Blu-ray creation, which includes optical media and video encoding/capturing products,
  • web development and hosting services,
  • and digital photography, which includes memory cards, DSLRs and lenses

… and will be effective at hitting your target audience.

Current Ad Rates and Sizes

Ad Sizes: Standard 468×60 banner site-wide.

Ad Rates: Please contact us for current advertising rates. Discount rate available for 12-month terms.

Payment: All advertising packages are pre-paid. We accept checks and Paypal payments. A PDF invoice will be generated for you, outlining the length and pertinent payment info.

Storage: Ideally, advertisers will submit their banners to us, which we can add into on-site code/graphics, which makes it harder for ad blockers and NoScript to remove your ad from our site.

Design: This site has a distinct look and feel that visitors find very appealing. We are trying to avoid “flashy” animation that are nauseating to read, as well as neon colors and other such bright shades that are difficult on the eyes. Visitors to this site can often spend several minutes or more on a single page, reading the content. A calm ad with appealing colors will more effective than an obnoxious distraction.

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