About Us

digitalFAQ.com is the current online presence for a family-owned media business that started in 1977. We specialize in most all forms of print and digital media, including video editing, photography, print layout and design, web layout and design, technical writing, print editing, public relations, marketing and e-commerce. Our services are available individually, or in a package, where we could create your entire line of small business promotional materials.

Our Philosophy

Our ideology is two-fold: (1) We firmly believe in providing information to the do-it-yourself’ers of the world, assisting those who are capable of doing certain tasks on their own. (2) We want to assist you with your projects, whenever your time, skill or abilities end. We tend to handle projects that are generally too difficult to do on your own.

Our Guarantee to You, Our Customers

We’re not a cold, heartless mass-production operation. We spend one-on-one time with our customers (usually in e-mail or on our forum), to understand what their needs are, and how we can be accomplish those goals, providing a professional-quality product in the end. Our projects are handled a few at a time, and are carefully reviewed before being returned. Our very best work goes into every project, we never half-ass it like so many of our competitors seem to do.

Our History

Like most organizations that have existed for decades, our history is complicated. What began in Dallas, Texas in 1977 as a part-time typesetting/layout operation, has slowly morphed as technology developed. By the late 1980s, computers entered our daily operations, and desktop publishing, graphics and advanced layout services were added. As the 1990s went by, photography, web design and video was added. We shifted almost completely digital in 2001, adding DVD creation workstations and professional DSLR cameras. This website was originally the personal project of a family member, a video hobbyist and cartoon collector, created to help friends and fellow enthusiasts. It was gobbled up a few years ago, as the family business shifted to adopt more digital technology, and began to abandon more and more tape-, film- and paper-based productions. The site was renamed digitalFAQ, to represent our expertise in all digital media areas. Most of the original guides are still available, and the creator still has a strong presence here, updating these and adding more as time permits.