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Glad to hear from you!
Before contacting us, read the follow requirements:

1. Need some videos converted or restored? Great! We need to know the following:
    - What type of video do you need work done on? (Example: VHS tapes)
    - How many videos are in the project? (Example: 2 tapes)
    - What is the running time of the videos? (Example: 3 hours, 45 minutes) Give your best guess if you're not entirely sure.
    - If you need the audio or video restored, describe the errors you see or hear to the best of your ability (tech terms not required).
    - You must give your budget. We want your business, and we'll let you know what services can fit into your available price range.
    - Skip down to the form and send us a brief e-mail. We'll reply soon!

2. Have a question for our experts? Or feedback/comments regarding our site? Great!
    - We do not answer non-business questions via email! For help, simply join the forum, make a new post, and we'll help you there.
    - For the best detailed one-on-one help, become a Premium Member and you'll get priority support and access to exclusive content
    - Do not ask for illegal/pirated software or serials numbers.
Understand that we always respond to emails, even if it's simply to say thanks, and never purposely ignore anyone. We generally reply to business-related inquiries within 2-5 days (i.e, video conversions, web-related services, advertising inquiries, review requests, etc). Registration issues are often simple, so we usually reply within 1-2 days. Feedback, tech questions, and all other emails may take 7-15 days to respond, often by copying/pasting the content into a forum post and answering it there.

ISP Email Accounts: Some ISPs have ridiculous "spam" policies that often block non-spam emails. Our servers are 100% clean and spam-free, but these companies have ridiculous filtering. Some get through okay, and some do not. (You should also ask yourself this: What other emails am I not receiving? Work, family, friends, etc? Not good!)

The worst offender include:
  • AOL
  • AT&T (sbcglobal.com)
  • BOL (Brasil)
  • Cablevision (optonline.net)
  • Comcast
  • Earthlink / Mindspring
  • MSN
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JavaScript must be enabled to send us email via the Contact Us form. Due to past abuse from non-business inquires — usually due to not following our tech Q&A policies, like questions in emails instead of on the forum — only 8 lines (approximately) of text may be submitted. We will reply and ask for more details when required. Initial contact should be brief anyway! Thanks.

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