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11-29-2009, 02:15 PM
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Welcome! We're glad to have you as a new forum member, and look forward to helping you.

Purpose of the Forum:

The DigitalFAQ.com forum is here for the benefit of you, our members and readers. The information found here is a good-faith attempt to help you with all things digital, be it video, photo, web, computers, or related topics. The information found on our site has been helpful to millions of people to date. Feel free to read, then ask questions.

Members agree to, understand, acknowledge, and are otherwise held liable to the following site/forum policies:

Technical Question Policy:
In order to serve the greater good, we require that tech questions be asked on the forum, we no longer answer questions through emails. Email is reserved for business communication with clients and advertisers.

Affiliate Link Policy:
Some links on the site may be affiliate links (eBay, Amazon, others), and by you clicking on them, and then buying something at that site, we may get a small kickback, maybe 2% on average. The FTC, and most affiliates programs, demand we disclose this -- so there you go! (But honestly, in the 2020s, we don't focus on affiliate marketing, it's just not very profitable anymore, and the commissions we now receive don't even cover the site hosting costs.)

Post Content Policy:
Posts found on this forum are the views of the author, and the owners of digitalFAQ.com will not be held responsible for the content of any message. In general, you may not post any messages that are obscene, sexual, hateful, threatening, considered unsolicited advertising ("spam"), or otherwise distasteful. Site Staff reserves the right to remove, edit, move or close any thread or post for any reason.

Post Text, Image and Attachment Policy:
Anybody may read the text found on this site, in the public forums. However, only members may view images or download attached files. You are not authorized or allowed to circumvent this requirement by registering with fake or disposable email accounts. Members are strongly encouraged to attach images, videos and files directly onto this forum, as this is the only way to ensure long-term archiving of the FAQs built by our discussions. Read the image/attachment instructions.

Post Editing Policy:
Post content can be edited by the author for up to 60 minutes after initial submission. If corrections or additional information is needed after that time, simply add another post to the thread. At their discretion, Site Staff may edit posts to correct formatting issues, properly attach media (un-hotlink images/videos from other sites), or remove inappropriate language. Only Site Staff can edit thread titles, which may be done to better reflect thread content or correct typos and misspellings. Site Staff may edit a post at the author's request at their discretion to address special circumstances.

Thread/Post Deletion Policy:
Threads and posts are deleted only at our discretion. Most requests for deletion will be denied, with threads and posts left as is, because deletion is disruptive to the proper function of this forum. Spam posts are almost always deleted.

Banned Topics Policy:
There are three topics that are specifically banned on this forum:
  1. Unauthorized software. This means that you may NOT ask for "free copies" of software that would normally be considered "payware". (Payware is software only made available after paying for the license to use it). This includes a ban on discussing methods to obtain it. If a member admits to using unauthorized software (example: "I'm using Adobe Premiere that I downloaded from The Pirate Bay."), then that thread may be closed, and the member warned. If you cannot afford commercial software, then you will need to limit yourself to freeware options. And honestly, sometimes freeware is better anyway!
  2. Unauthorized movie downloads. This means that you may NOT ask for help in editing/encoding/etc copies of movies that would have normally only been available for pay. For example, "screeners" as acquired from torrents. Asking for editing/encoding advice is fine, but "I'm trying to encode a copy of [a movie still in theatres]" is not.
  3. Unauthorized sites. These are sites that exist solely for the purpose of downloading unauthorized copies of software and movies. Discussion of the site in a general sense is fine, while discussing specifics on how to use the site is not. This include requesting lists of sites of this nature, invites, etc. These are usually torrent or "file sharing" sites.
  4. Copying rented or borrowed DVDs. While we firmly believe there is a legitimate case to be made for the ability to copy DVDs -- such as rare or out-of-print (OOP) DVDs, or homemade DVDs -- rental copying is NOT one of them. We do not condone such blatant abuse of the technology. If you want a copy "to keep", then buy it used or new from Amazon.com
Acceptable Language Policy:
Posts are allowed in English or Spanish. (Se habla espaņol, pero ingles es la lengua primaria. Responden mas rapido por preguntas en ingles.) Please limit vulgar or offensive language -- it is unnecessary to convey ideas, it offends some people, and we do NOT want to be known for this behavior. We wish to keep the environment as professional as possible.

File Sharing Policy:
Please note that Site Staff will not download files from "file sharing" services that require payments, waiting on countdown clocks, queues, or any other time-wasting nonsense. Attach files to the forum, to your own FTP or public web space, or use a respected "no wait" file sharing account like Dropbox. Premium Members may request special temporary FTP access (PM admin) to submit files.

Email and Spam Policy:
As a member, understand the types of communication The Digital FAQ may send you:
  1. Spam: Understand that spam is the sending of unrequested emails en masse in an attempt to sell products/services or as a malicious contact (phishing scams, virus/malware payloads, etc). At digitalFAQ.com, we don't spam, period. Your email address is never sold or intentionally given to third parties. Unsolicited emails are not sent. We hate spam, too!
  2. Thread Subscriptions: By joining the forum, you automatically opt-in to the thread subscriptions. When you make a post, you'll be sent an email notifying you of a reply. This is for your benefit. Subscription management is located in the user Profile.
  3. Newsletters: Periodically we send out newsletters -- maybe 1-2 times per month, at most. By joining the forum, you automatically opt-in to this mailing list. The opt-out is located in the user Profile. We ask that you at least receive one newsletter before making the decision to opt out. Feel free to give feedback on newsletter content, as the newsletters are for your benefit, and we strive to provide relevant content that you want to read.
Membership Account Policy:
Member accounts may not be shared, either in public or in private. Exceptions to this rule would include spouses, children, siblings or co-workers in the same location. However, it is strongly suggested that accounts never be shared for any reason. Suspicious or leaked accounts may be locked, banned or deleted at our discretion. This includes any and all accounts using unauthorized services like Bugmenot.

Membership Termination Policy:

There are two ways that membership can be ended or revoked:
  • Voluntary: To discontinue membership with the site, simply logout and don't come back. There is no formal termination procedure. Member accounts and associated posts are edited or deleted only at our discretion. Also remember that it is your responsibility to opt out of email communication, via the user Profile; rude replies do not unsubscribe.
  • Involuntary: Members may be "banned" for repetitive violation of rules, spamming the forum, having an invalid email address, or being abusive to Site Staff or other members. Almost all involuntary membership terminations are due to spamming and invalid email accounts. Posts and private messages will only be deleted at our discretion. Zero-post accounts will be deleted.
Privacy Policy:
The Digital FAQ does not collect any detailed personal information from site readers/visitors. For the purpose of member logins, session cookies (a type of "website memory" that makes a login possible) are created on visitor computers, like most other websites. We also measure traffic with tools like Google Analytics and AWStats, like most websites. Our advertisers and affiliates, such as Google and Amazon, use cookies to serve ads. As per the Email and Spam Policy, user-submitted contact information (either sent by email forms or by joining the forum) is not shared or sold. Premium Members will, by using Paypal, submit a real name (and possibly a mailing address) to The Digital FAQ; however, this information is NOT stored on our website servers, and is not shared or sold. No financial information is requested or collected.

Spammer Privacy Policy Exemption:
Unsolicited advertisers (or "spammers") are not considered to be valid site visitors, and therefore have no right to privacy; an exemption to the above privacy policy. We reserve the right to publish and/or share email addresses, IP addresses, usernames, and any other information, at our discretion, as submitted by the spammer, for the greater good of the Internet. All available pertinent information is, at minimum, submitted to stopforumspam.com and published to our spammer dedication thread.

The policies and agreements may be updated at any time, and this document will be updated to reflect necessary changes. Note that members will not be notified directly of these changes, and are themselves responsible for monitoring any updates made to this page. Thanks.

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