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08-26-2009, 05:21 PM
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In celebration of the upcoming re-launch of The Digital FAQ, which will add new guides, new blogs, and further expand our "digital" topics beyond just video, we've decided to cut the price of Premium Membership by 50% until the end of the year!

Get detailed one-on-one support and attention for only TEN DOLLARS!
Yes, just $10 for lifetime membership.

That's lower then the price of a good magazine! (Or couple of not-so-good magazines.) It will go back up to at least $20 on January 1, 2010.

Upgrade to Premium Membership now! Click here to upgrade.

Not a member yet? No problem! Simply register as a Free Member and the upgrade your membership to unlock access to faster/better help, as well as new features to be unveiled in the future.

Why Join / Upgrade? Get video advice, photo advice and web/print design and tech advice for one low fee. Sure, you can probably look around the Internet, and maybe find a free site where somebody might give you a generic answer. But does generic "if they feel like" / "when they feel like it" help ACTUALLY help you? Sometimes, sure -- but usually not. Our posts are not unanswered and if we don't know an answer, we'll surely find one for you! We have many connections in the industry, as well as connections to many hobbyists willing to answer questions at our request.

- Did this site help you? Then upgrade to Premium Member and show your support!
- Also: Like Us on Facebook for special DVD/Blu-ray news and deals!
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