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12-07-2002, 03:31 AM
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I've just encoded video using TMPGEnc and wanted to multiplex them. I did this using bbmpeg which worked fine. However its a 1600Mb file. If I cut it in TMPGEnc it splits the streams, cuts them and multiplexes them which defeats the point of using bbmpeg!!

Any other ways of cutting the mpeg??

By the way, I then put the cut file into VCDEasy and it gave me a

"MPEG requires autpadding"

error. Am I right that this will distort the aspect ratio?? (does it add extra lines?)


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12-07-2002, 12:40 PM
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You can cut the mpg file with BBmpeg when you mux by selecting the max mb on the bottom right of the general settings tab. It'll add 00,01.. to the base filename.

I don't know what the "MPEG requires autopadding" is about, I get this error now too everytime since I downloaded the newest VCD Easy (didn't happen with older versions)
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