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01-22-2003, 07:21 AM
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I am capturing my DV material via Firewire to my harddisk using Visual studio 6. Afterwards I take the avi, open it in TMPGenc and convert it to VCD or SVCD using the KVCD3 template. My material is full screen size (4:3). After burning the CD I get some strange "clouds" around obstacles and persons. It looks like some kind of artefacts. On the other hand if I record a movie from DVD via composite input and use the same templates for encoding and the same program for burning my results are excellent. I know having a 16:9 movie the whole bitrate can be spent just on a part of the screen, but I did not expect such drastic differences. Hope my explanation is clear and somebody can help me.
By the way, is there really a significant difference in the results by encoding with MPEG 1 or 2? At least I can not see anything.

My system WIN 2K
VCD easy
Vstudio 6.0
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