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07-16-2003, 08:24 PM
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hey folks!

I was screwing around with cce 2.5 the other day and i couldnt get it to load up one of my avs files that i created with moviestacker. Im using the the latest version of avisynth as far as i know. Ive tried the resample audio trick, but they wont load up in cce. Is there something that I might be missing?
Im fairly sure it has to do with the audio not being there. If i frameserve it through vdub with any old .wav file it goes through fine. But not alone though... Im perplexed any thoughts?


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08-03-2003, 06:48 PM
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open notepad and paste in the following
function ResampleAudio(clip v1, int rate) {
  v2 = Blankclip()
  v1 = AudioDub(v1,v2)
  return v1
save it as "ResampleAudio.avs" making sure to set to all files in the pull down menu
then in your avs script create a line (best near the top maybe line 1,2 or 3) called
Import("path to\ResampleAudio.avs")
then last but not least right at the very bottom of the avs script place this line
and that should solve your problems make sure when it does load you right click on it and edit and untick the audio box
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