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11-13-2003, 12:25 PM
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Ok I know how to do many things but this kvcd stuff is making me dizzy, no one for whatever reason has come up with a definitive howto, yes I have been to Avalon's page (alot of his links don't work ) and he has left out a few details on how to load the following into dvd2svcd, 1. Notch=KVCD in the Matrix tab, 2. STMedian from Kwag (AS 2.0 in the Frameserver tab, and as well as MA Script (2.52).

Now I'm not knocking the efforts put forth, but we really have to keep in mind the noob like myself. It's not enough to just say go here, but keep in mind that its one thing to say here are your settings, but if something calls for an addon or module that isn't part of the original program then we need to know how to load these scripts, modules if you will.

So please can some plz help to dl the proper addons and howto load them into dvd2svcd. According to Avalon I probably will be needing the MA Script (2.52) so I can resize for American resolutions.

I applaud Avalon he has come close to a complete guide outside of the few things I have mentioned. If anyone can assist me and it works then I will addendum Avalon's howto here in this forum with the requested information provided.

Thanks all for your help and patience
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