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01-18-2004, 09:24 PM
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What am i doing wrong or what codec do i have to have installed in order to open my divx (xvid) movies so that i can convert to kvcd.
I have read some tutorials but they dont tell me nothing at all.
All i need to know is how to be able to open my divx (xvid) movies in virtualdub 1.5.10.I have done the audio part all ready but i'm not getting the video to work.please help with this,thanks
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01-18-2004, 10:07 PM
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well you're kinda confusing me with "(divx(xvid)" (2 complete different formats).

I heard gspot program can figure what codec an .avi might need.

Also I don't if you did but unistall your codec pack, they cause more troubles than they help.

Get a xvid,divx,ffdshow codecs(angelpotion good to for mpeg4 too, but use at own risk dude!) and start adding after that.

Hope I helped and gl man
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01-18-2004, 10:41 PM
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Sorry for confusing anybody but all i want to do is be able to convert my xvid video to mpg so that i can add my audio to make kvcd,
I guess if i can't get this working with in a week i give up cause trying to convert things by using 8 programs and all these scripts hich i don;t unerstand anyways.Maybei should just give up.So many tutorials out there yet there not that good.My meaning to that is there trying to tell how to convert so many things to kvcd in one tutorial that it's confusing.Also found another one but it was confusing cause it didn;t tell you how to use that partidular program.

I wish there was a straight forward tutorial converting xvid to kvcd or skvcd,that is all i'm looking for thanks
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01-19-2004, 05:21 AM
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Hi carrachu.
Don't give up. To make KVCD is not a easy way, but results ar great I found this site less than month ago, and naow I'm makin full playable, great quality KVCD MPEG files, so I gues it is not as hard as it looks.
Firs of all to decompres MPEG4 file like DivX or XVID you need proper DivX or XVID decompresor (they both equivalent, but i sugest XVID decompresof for both formats). FFdshow is not a decompresor, it's only a filter and you can't use it in KVCD proces or for VD. And B2H is right. Instaling codecs pack is not a great idea, so if you have one deinstal it, and install separate only needed codecs.
I've started with DVD/DivX to KDVD/K(S)VCD using CCE/TMPGEnc - By vmesquita guide, with some problems, but asking people on this forum i found some another solution.
First try this guide step by stem, and then if you find some problems just write them here. We will find best solution for you.
Also try a acp: Automated program to make KVCDs, including prediction. I have not use this, but you can give it a try.

PS: I'm no moderator I wish I bee so much in this forum , but I'm not
Go for SECAM =)
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