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01-01-2004, 04:25 PM
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I posted over at DVDRHelp.com a couple of days ago, no response yet. Here's what I posted. Anybody here have any suggestions? I found a DVD+/-R sampler at supermediastore.com or someplace that I may try....

I just got an Optorite DD0401 DVD burner and have been working on making DVDs to play on my RV32. I tried Sony DVD+RW and it won't play at all on it (no suprise) but plays well on my old Apex 1100W (of course). I also tried Optodisc DVD-R (2x, I think Nero offers 2x and 2.4X (?!)) and it plays on the RV32 but skips, screens full of blocks ocassionally, etc. The material is KDVD, so 352x480 MPEG2.

Does anyone have any suggestions for media (other than what's listed on the player page) that has consistently worked well? With the price of media I don't want to do too much trial and error if I can help it.

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