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09-14-2004, 12:23 PM
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Hello all,
Is their another way to load a .rmvb file (rv9 or rv10) into avisynth than the directshow filter ?
Like a "realmediasource("file.rmvb") ... for exemple ?
Why ? because direct show run very good to watch a matroska file(contening rv9 video + ogg audio ...), but when i wanted to encode the file, the movie run to fast : my movie is 20min long, and the encoded file to, but the movie end is at 14min, the other 6 min are the last frame again and again !!
I use matroska pack 1.0.3 (including realmediasplitter.ax) and real alternative pack 1.2.5. I think the bug is from realmediasplitter.
Is their a way for me ?

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09-15-2004, 01:27 AM
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no... there isnt...

Realvideo is VFR by nature. Quite simply: RV + Vorbis is as incompatible with AVIsynth as you can get.

You could try TMPGEnc and convert it to an uncompressed (huffyuv+wav) AVI and use that as source. It would probably work better. Make sure your directshow priority in TMPGEnc is high enough.
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