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03-12-2003, 09:32 PM
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finally i found a solution...i think...when i find my cq value i mux with tmpenc because i have problems with bbmpeg. i am using kvcdx3 and i am still able to put my avi files on one cd (which is fun!!!)...

1-question is ...am i losing something when muxing with tmpenc? results seems ok so far...what do you think?

2-i am using this script...is it ok for kvcdx3 or should i use a program to generate a script???

LoadPlugin("C:\Program Files\NimoCodec Pack\Mpeg2dec\Mpeg2dec.dll")
LoadPlugin("C:\Documents and Settings\Mes documents\Programmes\GripFit_preview_0.0c\GripFit_ Preview.dll")
LoadPlugin("C:\Documents and Settings\Mes documents\Programmes\FluxSmooth-1.0\FluxSmooth.dll")
LoadPlugin("C:\Documents and Settings\Mes documents\Programmes\LegalClip-0.2\LegalClip.dll")
LoadPlugin("C:\Documents and Settings\Mes documents\Programmes\Sampler-0.2a\Sampler.dll")
LoadPlugin("C:\Documents and Settings\Mes documents\Programmes\DustV5\DustV5.dll")
LoadPlugin("C:\Documents and Settings\\Mes documents\Programmes\TemporalCleaner\TemporalClean er.dll")

avisource("C:\Documents and Settings\Mes documents\Films\avi")
GripCrop(width=528, height=480, overscan=2)
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Someday, 12:01 PM
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03-12-2003, 11:32 PM
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Hi big,

If the muxing with TMPEG works fine for you, use it .
There's no quality gain or loss by using TMPEG or BBMpeg for muxing. It's just the way the mpeg is muxed. There is more compatibility by using BBMpeg though
As far as your script, it's a perfectly good script

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