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04-12-2004, 07:52 PM
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Hi guys. I have a cartoon collection on my hd that is 49 episodes long and each episode is roughly about 20 minutes. the total size is about 7 gb i think and obviously my 4.3gb burner cant burn that. so now i turn to the all powerful kdvd/vcd i did all the math and it comes to 1000 minutes roughly 16 hours of video on one dvd that i am trying. the source file is recorded in divx at 29.97 frames and the size is 480x360 and the 49 episodes range between 800-850 kbps encode in divx. so i was lookin at the templates to get started off with and the one i guess i need is kdvd half d1 or the kvcdx3 ? tia to anyone who replies.
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04-12-2004, 08:26 PM
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I ofen put near 14 hours of programm aon a DVD but you have to use a VCD res for that an set the max to 1300 to maintain a overhall good quality.

With that, you can encode in CQ_VBR (and not CQ) with a value that will be near 20 (equivalent to CQ~70). If the audio is mono, just do sound in mono at 96 Kbps and the CQ_VBR will raise till 22 (eq to CQ~75).

Use my V4 script for avi->KVCD (see the correesponding section of the forum) but remove the DCTFilter line.
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