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06-12-2002, 08:35 AM
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Hi Kwag!

sorry if it seems like i'm spamming your forum, i don't mean to

The Panasonic DVD Player I didn't find anywhere available in Europe.

The Sony NS-300 is available to order round here. It would cost me 222 Euros, that's maybe like 200 dollars.
The only thing is that I wanna make sure that it plays VCDs encoded with your template. But it looks like i won't get a chance to test that beforehand, because all the stores i was in didn't carry the player...

I just wanna make sure that i don't spend 200 dollars in vain
Do you think the Sony Player will definetely work with KVCDs in PAL version?

Thanks for helping out !
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06-12-2002, 10:34 AM
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Be carefull when you buy a Sony, many have problems reading CD-R's.

Check it out at: vcdhelp.com: http://www.vcdhelp.com/dvdplayers.ph...arch&#comments
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06-16-2002, 03:41 PM
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I gotta jump in here and tell my experience with the Sony NS300. When I downloaded the very first KVCD sample (HBO cap) I burned it to a cd and it played fine on this player. Since then it gets disc errors when trying to read kvcds and also standard vcds. Also I re-grouted the bathroom floor and filled up the house with tile grout dust and there was a nice layer of it on top of the dvd player- I don't know if this has anything to do with it but it still plays dvds fine. I also cleaned the lens and it still doesn't read kvcds.

In my opinion I would not buy one of these players because of the read errors I'm getting. The Sony DVP-NC600 is a 5 disc changer and it plays all vcds and kvcds great. Also if your movie is on multiple cds you don't have to get up to change the cd It costs more than the ns300 though
If I were dvd player shopping now I would make sure that it could play KVCD's and also mp3s
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06-16-2002, 04:25 PM
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thanks for the link drnicotine,

I found a very interesting post there:

Ok, I'm basically posting this because I've had such a devil of a time finding media that my NS300 will recognize. I was browsing thru all of these posts and it appeared that a media with a light aqua in color was the most compatible. It definately did not like any of the silver/silver media that I tested, they were all "no name" pieces.

I was browsing through our local discount store, and found a spindle of 50 Memorex CD-Rs at 700 MB, 80 Minutes and 32X speed. I noticed that several folks had reported that they could not get Memorex product to work, but these had the light Aqua color.

Memorex's part number for these CD-Rs is 3202 4560

I went home, burned a VCD and dropped it in my NS300, in less than 2 seconds the picture came right up, with virtually no noise at all on the mechanical side. The picture quality was very good.

So it appears that they key is the light aqua color. I have to wonder if it's the firmware inside the NS300 that is causing some compatibility issues with media. Mine is almost a year old, but I havn't checked the manufacture date. Maybe there was a firmware change/update in the last year.

Either way, these particular CD-Rs work great and I''m burning like mad with them, have yet to have one fail. I'm currently testing the SVCD multiplex work around, but if it goes as well as it has been, life will continue to be very good burning new VCD's.
so I tried this out myself and sure enough my vcds burned on Memorex media worked and they are a bluish media. Although the player did play these it had a very hard time! It totally stumbled and was kinda like watching a messed up vhs tape.
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