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12-26-2020, 05:57 PM
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I've read all the information I could find via Google and haven't come up with much. Things I've read that I'm not clear on the veracity of:

- None of them shipped with DLS patchsets of any kind, they used the Windows built-in gm.dls licensed from Roland (seems unlikely due to the below)
- They shipped with at least one variant of a 4MB DLS patchset (this seems most likely)
- They shipped with a 8MB DLS patchset (I think the poster confused the patchset with the size of memory on that particular card)

I'm not (yet) getting into Santa Cruz vs. Montego vs. Catalina - I'm just trying to find *any* information on included sound fonts in DLS format.

I've gone through all he Santa Cruz installers, at least, and couldn't find a trace of one even on the full CD (as-is or embedded in any of the CABs).

I realize this is a fringe topic at best, but hopefully someone here has a memory of this.
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12-26-2020, 08:02 PM
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DLS = downloadable sounds, correct?
Definitely fringe!
What is the purpose?

I may have two different installer versions, two difference ISOs, but unsure. I know that I attached at least one to the forum, maybe both (if I have two). I usually include variations, when uploading ISOs.

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12-26-2020, 10:05 PM
rhester72 rhester72 is offline
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Yes, DLS = DownLoadable Soundfont

Ironically, mt32-pi - the soundfont/fluidsynth side of the house can reproduce a LOT of classic devices.

The Creative devices are WELL represented by various SF2 soundfonts. Gravis (GUS) is handled by the commercial soundfont from Voice Crystal. The standard Roland SC-55 DLS included with Windows rounds out the most common wavetable side of the house (sadly, Ensoniq's ECW format does not translate well to SF2).

I was initially quite surprised to learn that Turtle Beach also used DLS format soundfonts, but the more I read (in terms of the chipsets and timing in the marketplace), the more sense it made...heck, I even _owned_ a Santa Cruz way back when. But the supplied DLS patchsets, if any? Not a clue.

If they exist at all, the extension is quite literally .dls (assuming they aren't in turn contained in some sort of archive or self-extracting executable).
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