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03-19-2009, 08:56 AM
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Paragon makes some great software, my favorite being Paragon Drive Backup. I've been using it since version 6, and they're currently up to version 9. This new "Rescue Kit" software was something I got in the routine customer e-mails, and I wanted to share. I don't know that I'd have a need for it, but it looks quite interesting.

When your computer fails to boot, Rescue Kit is your first-aid solution to cure a majority of boot problems and instantly retrieve your data! It also can recover deleted partitions, view and modify settings of any Windows system registry (in offline mode), establish a network connection to work with shared resources on the net, securely erase data and easily clear any user's Windows OS password when you need to gain system access.

Not just for tech-savvy home users, but also business users. Rescue Kit 9.0 Professional is an ideal solution for your business: Standard Technician License is included. It grants you the right to use Paragon Rescue Kit 9.0 Professional for one year on an UNLIMITED number of workstations and on up to 10 servers.

How much does your data safety cost and how much is it worth to you to have a reliable and easy solution? Don't wait for disaster to strike - get an instant data and system recovery kit today to ensure your system’s protection! Get Rescue Kit 9.0 Professional at the half-price for just $49.95 ($99.95). This offer is valid until March, 22nd only. Moreover, you receive 1-year Upgrade Assurance for FREE.

Rescue Kit 9.0 Professional is designed to:
  • Correct the majority of system boot problems
  • Instantly retrieve valuable information from disk when your system fails to boot and save it to another hard disk/partition, network share or even burn to CD/DVD
  • Undelete accidentally deleted partitions
  • View and modify settings of any Windows system registry in the offline mode
  • Establish a network connection to work with shared resources on the net
  • Securely erase data with an advanced disk wiping tool
  • Easily clear any Windows OS password when you need to gain system access
  • Serve multiple machines with included Technician License!

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