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09-15-2016, 08:02 AM
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My extra hardware is now almost gone.

What I have here is a DataVideo TBC-1000 in (essentially) new condition:
- no case scratches
- no dings
- not even fingerprints!

I even have the original box! But it's in ratty shape (stored in attic for 10+ years), and it was stupidly bulky for the contents anyway. Shipping will be cheaper if I don't include it. This should fit perfectly (and securely) in a flat rate USPS box.

I tested it just now, and all s-video inputs/outputs look great.

- Why sell it? After analyzing all workflows, it's just double-redundant, and no longer needed.
- Yes, of course the power supply is included.
- These units had an MSRP of about $500 at end-of-life about 10 years ago.

Finding one in this condition is not something you'll find often.

I can add photos if needed.

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