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03-23-2011, 09:37 AM
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This morning, preliminary work was done on two aspects of the forum:

1. Ad Removal for Premium Members.

One ad has been removed from thread views, and the others will be replaced with alternative content over coming weeks.

Note: Those who may think they're blocking ads, via anti-scripting browser plugins, should understand they may be blocking more than just ads -- you're likely blocking some non-ad content. Or at least you will be, once the final version of The Digital FAQ is fully online. Beyond that, we plan to create non-script alternative ads which blockers will miss, so those harmful plugins will become moot. (Some are already in use.) If you like a site, you should view or even click on their ads, not block them. Hosting a website isn't free. By contrast, Premium Members have already gone to extra effort to show appreciation, and we will reciprocate.

2. Deals Forum Re-Organized.

To better find the coupons, deals and sales we have been posting -- and will post more regularly moving forward -- several new categories will be created. Two of those are already in place, and more will follow soon, as time permits. So if you're looking for a new computer, blank DVDs, a new camera (or more lenses), an iPad, etc -- look in there. While we obviously cannot locate and post every "best" deal in the world, we will most assuredly pass along anything good that we come across, or that our affiliate advertisers email to us.

... and that's maybe 10% of what will be rolled out throughout the first half of 2011.

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