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10-21-2021, 08:41 PM
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Thought I would pass this info on, since I don't see it mentioned anywhere in the forums.

I've been rebuilding some 9500, 9600 & 9800 JVCs I find broken on EBay. Finding parts is a challenge, but I recently got a DD750u on a tip from Hodgey. Internally, it is the same as a 9500-9600, minus the 3d / TBC / Y/C boards and video drum. Same mech, same motherboard, same dynamic drum. It is slightly different from the 9800- One of the static backtension pins has a plastic mount that is metal in the 9800, the capstan braking mechanism is different, as well as the size and design of the clutch/change lever. So not a drop-in replacement for the 9800. If you need a cheap source for 9800 mech parts, get a 3900/3910/5900/5910.
"Working" (YMMV) DD750s are regularly on Ebay for under $50 shipped.

Add to this thread if you know of other cheap models that have the geared dynamic drum of the 9x00 series.

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