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01-26-2012, 09:53 PM
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Hello Lord Smurf

Is that true second comment about "TRUE" JOG-CONTROL?


Originally Posted by audioreview.com Review
Review 2 of 28 , from Boston, MA.
Summary: I'm glad to have found this unit, I was going to give up and purchase a HR-S9800U or HR-S9900U. The HR-S9600U has a "TRUE" JOG-CONTROL on the unit, unlike the 9800/9900 which now have a wierd flimsly 360 spin thingy thats imposible to control. I LOVE the 9600s MOVIE ADVANCE FEATURE [not on the 9800/9900], which allows you to skip over those stupid movie previews with a touch of a button and end up at the start of the movie!! I only wish the manual and JVC would have been more informative, I had to figure out on my own that the TV/CH buttons DO MANUAL TRACKING FROM THE REMOTE! The PICTURE and SOUND that comes out of this unit is sure to please the most critical of movie-goers, "is it live, or it a 9600"!! I did notice that the 9600 records super clean with the noise reduction set to off, another tip that the manual fails to mention. I can't praise the 9600 enough for its ablities to perform. If you have the opertunity to buy one, don't hesitate, this is the best it gets for SVHS! I HIGHLY RECOMEND IT!

Strengths: PICTURE!...SOUND!...AWSOME!
Similar Products Used: HR-S9800U
from http://www.audioreview.com/cat/home-...7_1588crx.aspx

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01-26-2012, 09:58 PM
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In a word: No.

Online review often reflect the weaknesses (in knowledge or skill) of the person leaving the review, as opposed to the product or service being complained about. Or praised, in some cases.

I've used all of the models in this range, and I think I'd fairly call all of them "flimsy plastic spinny things", to be quite honest with you. Rarely does you use this function anyway, because it's just not a good idea to put tapes through the kind of semi-abuse that occurs when play-FF, play-REW, pausing or frame-by-frame play scrubbing videotapes. That's something that mattered more in the 1980s and 1990s, when you'd do a lot of analog in-VCR editing. In the era of non-linear digital editing, this is a silly complaint. It's not something to worry about or consider in the slightest.

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