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09-27-2020, 12:49 PM
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Hello, I'm trying to capture my old Hi8 video tapes with a Sony CCD-TR360E Handycam. I'm using Windows 10 and Virtual VCR and/or VirtualDub and/or softwares provided with the acquisition devices. I have about 30 tapes to record.

Note : when I plug the camera on my TV, the images are perfects.

Here are the results of the same sequence, using 3 different acquisition cards (sorry for properties screenshots in french, but I might stay understandable ) :

Hauppauge USB-Live 2

AVerMedia CE310B

Generic USB Video Recorder

The question is : as you can see on the third device, the framerate is put to 60 (by default), and there is no jittering anymore. But... the image quality and contrast is very poor comparing to Hauppauge (I bought this generic usb plug 11 on Amazon...)

So, do you know if there is a "hack" to increase input framerate on acquisition on devices such as the Hauppauge USB-Live 2 ?

Or, do you have a reference of an acquisition card which provides high framerates with decent quality ?

Or, this problem has nothing to do with framerate ?? On this forum, some posts are referring to TBC, is it relevant here ?

Many thanks for your advices


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09-27-2020, 07:14 PM
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It's not due to framerate, the generic card just runs some deinterlacing by default going from 30 interlaced to 60 progressive and resizes and compresses in the process. The jitter stuff is due to the cards being bad at handling unstable video coming out of a VCR, the chips used in the avermedia and hauppauge (presumably the same conexant chip) is escpecially bad at it, the chipset used in the cheap one may be a bit better at it but has other issues as you noted. It's looks a bit jittery, just not as bad as the two other ones. (The marketing around modern capture cards is rather deceiving, despide being marketed as usable for digitizing videotapes 99% of them are in fact quite bad at handling video directly from a VCR/camcorder.)

This stuff has been covered tons of times here, you would want to look for a Hi8 or Hi8-capable Digital8 Camcorder with TBC/DNR (typically newer sony ones, there is an incomplete list on the forums.). (Or, alternatively a Panasonic DVR like the DMR-ES10 or DMR-ES15 to pass the video through, though those can have a little impact on the video quality.) Furthermore an external TBC can help avoid frame drops/sync issues between clips on the tape, but it's possible you can get away without that if you have a camcorder with TBC.
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09-28-2020, 08:19 AM
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The issue is lack of line TBC (and frame TBC), combined with crappy capture cards.

Some TBCs, a better card, and those problems will disappear.

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