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03-31-2021, 03:29 AM
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Hi all

Long story short, I have acquired a collection of VHS tapes that I want to upload to my Youtube channel.

Problem is there is about 25 tapes that run for about 10 hours each. Lossless capture and deinterlace isnt really an option in this particular circumstance.

Therefore my solution is VCR > Pan ES10 > (Component connection) >Topfield PVR > mpeg2 file > Youtube.

However, when connecting the ES10 to the PVR, I get 1 second of distorted/broek image then black screen. Is this copy protection kicking in from the Panasonic? In my previous experience with the Topfield PVR, there has been no copy protection limitation. Or am I mistaken?

How can I bypass this issues on the cheap? I have heard the word splitter been thrown around in similar circumstances.

Thank you.
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