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02-11-2014, 10:51 AM
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Long-time lurker and now first time poster!

I've gotten tremendous usefullness from this forums members and the discussions!

I'm setting up (for the 2nd time) a capture system to digitize my VHS (acquired with Chinon camcorder which I still have), VHS-C (don't remember the recorder here but I think I have it stored in the basement) and DV-AVI tapes (Panasonic PV-GS400). I haven't counted all the tapes but probably on the order of 40 VHS, 50 vhs-c and 30 DV-AVI's. I don't think I captured anything in EP/SLP but I haven't gone through everything yet.

My current setup includes the following:
1) AG-1980P (looks like I won the roulette game on ebay for this one from a church A/V auction - working well, so far)
2) Datavideo TBC-100
3) ATI AIW 600 PCIe board

I've done a few test captures using Virtualdub/Huffyuv 720x480 YUY2 with targets being DVD's, Bluray, H264. I plan on archiving the original AVI Huffyuv captures before processing/rendering with Virtualdub, Avisynth and/or Sony Vegas.

I've been looking over a few of my VHS tapes and I believe some of them might benefit from a good Proc Amp.

I think I've settled on the Elite Video BVP-4 or BVP-4+ and I've read this thread BVP-4 vs BVP-4 Plus. Any major differences?

I can get a BVP-4 currently in the $100-150 range or a BVP-4+ in the $200-250 range.

It's not readily apparent (and least to me from reading the previous thread responses) if I would get any additional benefit from a BVP-4+ vs the earlier BVP-4 given the cost differences between the two units I can purchase.

Any thoughts on the Proc Amp differences in the two unit (and thanks for all the excellent material on digitalfaq, it's been a god-send setting my system up)?
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02-11-2014, 12:02 PM
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The Elite Video BVP-4 and Elite Video BVP-4 Plus have almost no differences. I actually forget what they are. I've documented it on this site before.

I just searched the site, and somebody else asked this same question back in 2011, and somebody else gave a good answer.

Originally Posted by Wagonmaster91 View Post
The main differences between the BVP4 and the BVP4+:

The following improvements are incorporated into the BVP-4 PLUS:
- The BVP-4 PLUS has 1200 lines of resolution. The BVP4 has up to 800.
- The BVP-4 PLUS has self-adaptive resolution - which means that once you dial in the amount of resolution boost you need, you simply let the BVP-4 do the rest. If figures out how much resolution enhancement you need based on the values of the video passing through the processor.
- The BVP-4 PLUS has a digital gamma compensator circuit - This circuit is controllable by a switch on the back of the BVP-4 PLUS. Turn the switch on when you have an input from a digital camcorder such as the Sony DV1000. This feature will give you a greater degree of highlights and detail in the shadow and dark areas of the picture. This detail can be lost due to the compression ratio systems of the digital format. The circuit in the BVP-4 PLUS helps get that detail that was lost.

They are both good units and either is worth having if you do much duplicating or transfers.

The power supply for both are 12v 500ma with a negative tip plug. I picked up a new variable (1.5 - 12v @500ma) power supply with reversible polarity on Ebay for $9 shipped.
I'd suggest reading through the whole thread: BVP-4 vs BVP-4 Plus. Any major differences?

You shouldn't really use the resolution boost anyway (not that good), and the "digital" switch on back doesn't really do anything. It's should be left in analog mode anyway, for converting analog tapes. So bascially none of the differences between the BVP4 and BVP4+ matter whatsoever. It's basically the same unit.

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