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10-13-2018, 07:13 AM
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Hello All,

Looking to resuscitate my old BIOS compromised (D845PE) P4 2.0 GHz Gateway with a motherboard with good "bells and whistles". This would be for capturing VHS with an AIW 9600.

There are boards with 478 and 775 sockets that incorporate AGP, IDE, SATA I, USB 2, and that have no hard drive size limitations. I know the Pentium 4 processors climbed in speed and went dual core in the 775 regime, but does that really matter for this purpose?

I understand (but don't really know...) that memory became faster in the 775 boards with DDR2, but is that a real improvement? Is 2 GB RAM fine, or is 4 GB (or what is usable) better?

Looking at (not limited to) Intel D865 based boards like Intel D865 GSA (775), GLC (478), IBIT, ASUS, ASROCK... They don't have to be superstars but unstrained reliability/efficiency with the AIW card is what I'm looking for.

Any thoughts appreciated!
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10-13-2018, 07:35 AM
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Dual-core matters for 15mbps+ MPEG capturing, but not DVD MPEG or lossless AVI.

Memory is generally not upgradeable (in type, not size) by motherboards. So if it has DDR2, then it's forever DDR2, and usually with speed limitations of the RAM at the time (the Mhz). All you need for capture is RAM, period. And 2gb is ideal, anything under 1gb will have problems. Anything over 4gb is just ignored on XP systems.

So, which exact board are you considering?
And what are the exact specs? (put them here, don't make me hunt or read links/PDFs).

I forget what all boards I've used in the past 20 years for video, and lots of those letters/numbers are just word salad at this point. The most important part is having drivers, and that usually means having the original CD (because some are a major PITA to find online).

Socket 478 was fine, used those for many years.
775 better speeds, CPU used for the Asrock boards that work great for AIW systems.
I even used the one that came before 478 ... just looked it up, the 423, and with 512mb (later 1gb) RDRAM.
I currently have an AIW using PCI edition, and that CPU is a later 1156/whatever.

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10-13-2018, 10:06 AM
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Thanks, LS. Well, if I want the option of 15 mbps MPEG capturing, I guess the socket 478 boards are out. Believe they only support single core, albeit with hyperthreading.

Of the 775/Socket T boards, I'm looking at for instance, the Intel D865GSA:
- Dual channel 400/300/266 MHz DDR SDRAM, max. 2GB
- AGP 8X
- 3 PCI
- USB 2.0
- 2 IDE
- 2 SATA
I am guessing whatever dual core processor used must be over 2.0 GHz and 32 bit to work with Windows XP?
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10-13-2018, 11:54 AM
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I recently finished building a capture PC with specs almost identical to what you're looking for. ASRock sells a brand new LGA 775 motherboard with an AGP slot.

The model number is 775i65G R3.0. Here is a link to the product page.

This motherboard is compatible with all Conroe based Core 2 Duo processors which means you can use the 2.93 GHz Intel Core 2 Extreme X6800. This processor can be found used on ebay for around $35. It's crazy to think this CPU sold for $999 new when it launched in 2006.

Be aware that if you choose this motherboard it is ONLY compatible with DDR RAM. I didn't pay attention to this detail before I bought the board and I had to wait a week for the new RAM to ship before I could build. In other words, do not use DDR2

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10-14-2018, 07:46 AM
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Thanks, JPMedia. I've been looking at that board too.
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