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09-07-2019, 02:25 PM
dudewiththepants dudewiththepants is offline
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Hello all,

I'm trying to determine why my VirtualDub installation is not behaving normally. My hardware workflow is feeding into a Pinnacle 710 USB (S-Video connection) and into my computer via USB. (JVC SR-mV45 or Panasonic AG-1980 into a TBC-3000 - Thanks, Lordsmurf!) Here is the behavior:

When following this thread - Capturing with VirtualDub [Settings Guide] - I get to the part with the Overlay and Preview modes, and the Histogram, and sometimes the program hiccups when loading preview mode, other times not. Then, regardless of which mode I am in, sometimes the program completely locks up as soon as I select Capture Pin. Other times I can get into this menu.

Eventually, once the program has locked up, I can force quit it, but one thread will remain in process monitor on Windows 7 x64. This thread cannot be killed with end process and will remain until reboot. Eventually, what I presume to be some kind of memory issue locks up the entire computer and the mouse/keyboard no longer respond, resulting in a hard reboot requirement.

Just for fun, I tested this exact same scenario on my other install, Windows 10, as I'm dual booting with two SSDs (1 per OS, separate data drive). Same results, though I was surprised it detected the 710 properly in the first place.

Note that I am leveraging Crossbar Thing to force the input from Composite to S-Video, and I am using HuffyYUV, but have not otherwise modified the VirtualDub package from this site, just done in-program configuration.

I saw a note here Pinnacle MovieBox freezing with VirtualDub capturing? about disabling DirectX, would that be Options -> Preferences -> Display, uncheck Use DirectX for display panes, or is there another option?

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09-08-2019, 12:53 AM
msgohan msgohan is offline
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Have you tried disabling Aero in Win7 before opening VirtualDub? It may help with the Overlay/Preview issue. Probably not with Capture Pin problem.
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09-08-2019, 09:42 AM
ELinder ELinder is offline
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My Pinnacle 510 USB is very fussy in Windows 10 when configuring Virtualdub. As far as I can tell it's display related with the preview modes or overlay. The first thing I do when entering capture mode is to set Display to None. Then I set capture file, and all the other settings. Only when everything is set do I got to Preview mode, and that seems to have the least problems.

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09-08-2019, 01:05 PM
dudewiththepants dudewiththepants is offline
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Thanks both, I'll try ensuring Aero is off as well as hiding the preview display until I'm ready to go then report back!
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